Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole

Trolling blogs the other day, I came across a reader question: What are you going to serve for this Sunday’s Bears/Packers game? Down in the comments someone posted, “Nothing. I’ll be too stressed to eat!” Well, that may be true, but I’m sure it won’t stop a lot of people from grabbing bites in between plays.

Which brings me to my next point. What will you be serving on game day? Although I’ll be at B’s parents’ house, I hope they serve comfort food. Something hearty and cheesy. Something like this.


Verdict: A- to A+
I have tried this both ways and I much prefer the oven version (A+). This keeps the tots crispier, whereas they get a bit mushy in the slow cooker. Something like this is perfect for game day because your guests can just scoop it themselves when they like and it will keep warm for a long time. Both times I made this for a crowd and I got rave reviews (but what did I expect, everyone loves tots!).

Go Bears!!


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