My Favorite Links – Volume 8

I find so much inspiration from what others are cooking, discovering and trying that I have to share.

I’ve never met one person who doesn’t like Fruit Roll-Ups. Check out this article I wrote for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on how to make your own DIY fruit leather. (The perfect excuse to dust off your old dehydrator)

This weekend we’re going to Appleton, WI for the 25th Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour. Although the only biking I’ve done this year has been for 30 minutes at the gym, I’ve been running a ton to train for the Fox Cities Half Marathon (so I’m not too worried…except about the sore butt. That I’m definitely worried about!) Oh, and did I mention there’s a party at the end with music and a gourmet spread? Stay tuned for a recap…

During our visit, I can’t wait to go to the Appleton Farmer’s Market. This is the mecca of farmer’s markets. They close off the streets downtown and have over 100 vendors. I especially remember a woman from last year who made her own apple chips.

Question: What are your plans for this weekend?


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One Response to “My Favorite Links – Volume 8”

  • Hi Alysha, So glad you’ll be participating in the Fox Cities Half this year!
    As for weekend plans, I’m looking forward to another relaxing few days without anything too planned out. The Appleton farmer’s market sounds like a great idea. It’s such an experience with all those people!
    Have a great weekend… bring plenty of fluids because it’s been super hot!

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