How to Freeze Peaches

Yesterday, I showed you how to freeze tomatoes. Today, we’re moving on to peaches.

I picked about 3 pounds of these at Awe’s Apple Orchard in Frankin, WI. They were only $1.25/pound! For local peaches, that is the cheapest I’ve seen all season.

Here is the view driving through their orchard – gorgeous.

At Awe’s, you can pick your own apples or buy some in their store.


In their store, you can buy homemade apple butter, a variety of jams and these adorable homemade caramel apple kits. How cute!

I walked away with some peaches and popcorn for the Eat Local Challenge. By the way, if you’re planning on freezing peaches, pick some that aren’t too ripe and ones that don’t have soft spots/bruises.

Like the tomatoes, you want to drop the peaches into boiling water so you can remove the skins easily. I took them out of the water after about 45 seconds. Then submerge them in water to stop the cooking process.

To keep the peaches from browning, I made a simple syrup on the stove (using 1/3 cup sugar for every 2/3 cup water). I doubled that recipe and heated it over the stove until the sugar dissolved (pics not shown). You’ll use this mixture later when you are packing the peaches.

Anyway, after you remove the peaches from the ice water bath, remove the skin and cube the peaches into whatever size you like. (As I added more peaches to my mixing bowl, I added a few sprinkles of lemon juice.)

Next, place your peaches in a freezer-safe bag (I used vacuum sealer bags). Pour some of the simple syrup mixture over the peaches. (Note: when you decide to use the peaches and defrost them, some of the simple syrup will drain out, so you can’t really put too much in there).

I froze the peaches like this and let them sit in the freezer overnight so I could vacuum seal them. However, if you are using just regular freezer-safe Ziplock bags, you can skip this step. Just try to squeeze as much air as you can out of the bags before freezing.

After freezing tomatoes and peaches, I’m definitely hooked. I love the fact that I can use this technique to eat local in the dead of winter, so I plan on freezing green beans, peppers and zucchini as well.

Now I’ll just pray that our freezers don’t defrost.


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  • SUSAN:

    how do you freeze peaches in a vaccum bag. I like the skin on and do not want to use sugar or artifically sugar. thank you susan

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