The Milwaukee Eat Local Challenge May Be Over…

But I’m far from done.

See, even Oliver got in on the fun (that’s a locally grown watermelon rind on his nose from the West Allis farmers’ market).

If there’s anything I learned from the Eat Local Challenge, it’s this: Eating local is sustainable, it’s tastier and it’s more satisfying eating a meal where the ingredients are grown just miles from you.

Although I may have been one of the more relaxed bloggers in terms of the “cheat” foods I ate, i.e. oats, greek yogurt, Dove chocolates, I discovered some great local food companies and new places to score local eats.

Tonight, we had burgers (purchased from a local farm) with Wisconsin cheese on Cybros hamburger buns (based out of Waukesha) with fingerling potatoes (from the farmers’ market).

For me, the longer the challenge went on, the easier it became to create new meals. It also forced me to eat a ton of produce.

Speaking of fruits and veggies, I also had a great time learning how to preserve foods, like these peppers I bought at a local farm stand for 33 cents a piece!

I can’t wait to dig into these come winter – in addition to these tomatoes and peaches.

What’s next?
For me, fall baking is where it’s at. And with so many local apple orchards around Milwaukee (like Apple Holler and Awe’s Orchard) I’m already planning my fall baking list: apple butter, apple crisp, apple pie bread, Dutch apple pie, sauted apples over waffles and pancakes…the list goes on.

So Milwaukee’s Eat Local Challenge may be over this year, but the best of local eating is yet to come.


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