A Heavnely Hostess Gift: Cookie Dough Truffles

I love homemade gifts. Especially when it comes to a hostess gift. Sure you can bring a bouquet of flowers, maybe a bottle of wine, but nothing beats a present with a homemade touch.

And if you have a talent for cooking or baking, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your talents (and let someone know you really appreciate them).

I recently attended a wine tasting party at a beloved former co-worker’s house, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect hostess gift than homemade truffles. Who doesn’t love chocolate!?

These Cookie Dough Truffles from Paula Deen taste exactly like cookie dough….without the eggs. (no one wants a hostess sick with Salmonella).

I bought cute treat boxes at JoAnn’s. But the truffles I made were so big that I could only fit 4 in a box (the recipe claims that you can get 5 dozen truffles from the ingredients-I got 42, which is less than 4 dozen). I did use a small cookie scoop though, which made them a lot bigger.

Question: What are your favorite DIY food/hostess gifts. And for you truffle lovers out there, any tips to make them look pretty? (I’m dying to make them look as good as they do in the magazines).


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4 Responses to “A Heavnely Hostess Gift: Cookie Dough Truffles”

  • What a cute way to box them! I definitely want to try these. Yum! Paula Deen… <3 Are you participating in the great food blogger cookie swap? I think I might use your box idea if that's ok!!

  • Perfect. Totally making these for a party this weekend! I’ve made quite a few cake balls in my day, which are pretty much like truffles, and you’re right. They are a pain to make look pretty. I finally bought a spoon to help me. No idea what it’s called, but I found it in the candy making aisle of my favorite baking goods store. It’s basically a plastic spoon with a big hole in the middle. You just put your little cake ball or truffle on it, pour the melted chocolate over the top with another spoon & the excess sort of falls off. I also find that drizzling a little white chocolate over them takes away from any of the mistakes. ;)
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