Baby Shower Treats: Rubber Duck Cookies

Rubber Ducky, you’re the one…

Who can’t help but thinking of this tune when you see these cute cookies.

I made them for my sister’s baby shower this past weekend. I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe with the help of a duck cookie cutter from Jo Ann’s (only 99 cents!), royal icing and baby blue pearl sprinkles.

After decorating them and cooling completely, I placed each one in a small bag from Michael’s for a sweet party favor.

In addition to cupcakes, I also made her cake – King Arthur Flour’s Classic Yellow Cake with chocolate frosting (for the filling) and whipped vanilla frosting for the outside (both courtesy of Betty Crocker).

As much as I love homemade frosting, sometimes I need a shortcut.

I’ve baked hundreds of cakes in my day but I’m not as confident in my decorating. I just signed up for a decorating basics class at Jo Ann’s that starts in March (just in time for my mom’s birthday).

Question: Are you a better baker or decorator?


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