Blueberry Maple Smoothie

Although it’s only four days into the New Year, the gym crowd is already starting to dissipate. So instead of being stuffed to the brim, Gold’s is just packed.

I squeezed in a quick 8:15 Bodypump class and my side of the room was unusually fit (don’t underestimate petite women, these ladies could lift!). When I got home, I had a small breakfast of cottage cheese and apple butter (the perfect mix of muscle-building protein, fat and sweetness).

My days usually start out super healthy like this, but I tend to slip around 4 pm. Before you know it, I’m taking off slivers of fruitcake after dinner and derailing my diet (and trust me, those slivers – or as we call them, “sidecars” – really add up). How do you stay motivated to eat healthfully all day?

Speaking of eating better, I just wrote an article for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about taking baby steps toward a more nutritious diet.

For me, it’s a lot easier to think of things in terms of a “do” list instead of a “don’t” list. DO eat more veggies, DO eat fish twice a week versus DON’T eat white sugar, DON’T east processed foods. Maybe it’s because I respond more to positivity :)

One of the recipes I included in the article, for a Blueberry Maple Smoothie, is a definite “do.” (Get the recipe here).

It’s delicious, filling and soooo pretty (isn’t that important when it comes to food?!). I’m also wildly impressed with my photography skills. B was at work while I made this so I get to take 100% of the credit :)

Question: Which healthful eating tip do you swear by?

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