Shrimp and Grits

I’m a Midwestern girl to the core. I grew up in Illinois in a suburb of Chicago. Even though I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 13 years, I still consider myself a Lincoln girl at heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese, baseball games and Summerfest. But living so far north, sometimes I’m missing out.

Take grits, for example.

I just discoved grits this week while testing recipes for an article I’m working on. And I’m so glad I did! (By the way, the recipe was for cheesy grits topped with butternut squash and corn from Rick Tramonto’s book “Amuse-Bouche”).

Amazing. Delicious. Delightful.

Now I’m obsessed. It must be because it’s made from corn (see, Illinois again).

I think I’ve eaten grits four times this week so far. Thanks, in part, to a new recipe called Shrimp and Grits. I found it in my Taste of Home cookbook but used the recipe as more of a template.

I’ve found that all grits recipes are a little different because you can use various liquids to thicken them, like water, chicken broth, milk, half and half, cream or butter. And don’t forget the cheese (usually Cheddar or Parmesean). So far, my vote is milk and cheese.


Note: I ate this throughout the week as leftovers. The night the photo was taken, I added butternut squash, which was fantastic. Another night I only had grits left (no shrimp) and added a mushroom Boca burger to it and some fresh goat cheese. Grits are so versatile and definitely my new favorite food.

Question: Have you ever cooked grits? Or did you grow up with them? What do you usually add to them?


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