And the Winner is…

Sunday I had an Oscar party at my place. We started doing this last year: Getting girls together to watch award shows, comment on the fashion and eat some fabulous food.

Whoever hosts usually covers the main dish. B suggested homemade pizzas where everyone could pick their favorite toppings. We had Italian sausage, pineapple, sweet peppers, onions and mushrooms. And like the good BF he can be, B even made the homemade dough :)

I also made a Chocolate Marbled Mousse Cake with Irish Cream and Jameson (for an article about St. Patrick’s Day I’m working on). Here is the beauty shot:

And to toast the winners, I made a healthy party punch. This creation was born out of a common scenario: Me looking for a recipe and getting disappointed by the high-sugar, high-calorie options I was finding. Plus, I needed to balance out that “healthy” chocolate cake.

Winning Party Punch

1 – 2-liter container diet ginger ale
12 ounces orange, pineapple, banana juice concentrate (from the freezer section)
12 orange juice ice cubes (made by placing orange juice in an ice cube tray. This also prevents the punch from getting watery)
1 navel orange, sliced
Vodka, optional

The night before the party, place the ginger ale and juice concentrate in the fridge. Make orange ice cubes.

5 minutes before the party, place all ingredients in a punch bowl. Note: Leave a bottle of vodka on the side in case your guests want a cocktail instead of a mocktail.

This punch received rave reviews. It’s definitely a beverage to add to your recipe files.

Question: Did you watch the Oscars? Whose dress did you like best?
I loved Jessica Chastain’s dress (and her hair, which I would love to steal).

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