Whisky Tiramisu

I know. You’re probably reading the title and thinking, “What the?”

But hear me out.

I’ve never made tiramisu before, and I’ve only tried it maybe three times in my life. But those three times have been some of the best. I love desserts with a coffee flavor, but what really got me was that creamy, rich mascarpone filling.

In Milwaukee, we’re lucky enough to have an authentic Italian grocery store called Glorioso’s, where you can not only buy the most decadent tiramisu you’ve ever had in your life, but find all the true ingredients to make it yourself at home.

So when my friend Sun (from Eat. Host. Run. Style.) hosted her annual clothing swap on Saturday, I thought this would make a delicious dessert for the girls.

For an authentic Italian tiramisu, I turned to Giada and used this recipe as a template. I made several changes, though, to accompany what I already had on hand, straying the most when it came to liquor. Giada recommended a dry Marsala wine. I looked around my kitchen and saw a bottle of Jim Beam. I thought, this is either going to be disguising or amazing. But how else do you learn about cooking unless you experiment?

I also substituted her chocolate chips and whipping cream for homemade chocolate fudge sauce (which I made this week for a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel DIY column).

The rest of the spread at the clothing swap.


Don’t kid yourself. This is a very adult tiramisu – and not for the kiddos. Those who love whiskey will love this recipe because the flavor really comes through. But you can also substitute Guinness or Kaluha if you don’t like whiskey.

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