Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

America’s best loved cookie – the Oreo – turned 100 on Tuesday.

Although it’s quite a celebration for anything to turn 100, it’s really amazing that we’re eating the same snacks as people did in 1912. With so much changing all the time (like technology and pop culture), food evolves at the pace of a snail in comparison.

So when I saw this post on Cookies & Cups for Nutter Butter Krispie Treats, I immediately thought of Oreos.

These treats are an ooey gooey, lick every last bit out of the pan, delicious treat. I made this for my friend Hillary’s birthday because she LOVES Oreos (and kid food). No joke, her favorite cake is the Funfetti mix from a box :)



Question: How do you eat your Oreos? I love licking out all the filling before eating each individual wafer. When we were kids, we’d roll our filling into a ball and save it for the end. Those were the days…


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