Jo Ann’s Cake Decorating Class Finale

Today was my last Wilton cake decorating class at Jo Ann’s. We had to bring in a cake frosted with the Wilton buttercream frosting (except it doesn’t have any butter in it – it’s all Crisco shortening).

By the way, funny side story: Our teacher was sharing some flubs past students of hers had while making the class frosting. Instead of using Crisco in the can, one woman used vegetable oil from Crisco. LOL – It goes to show you that everyone messes up in the kitchen (some are just worse than others).

Tonight we learned how to write, make icing roses and a shell border. You could tell that everyone in the class each had their own skills. I kicked butt on my roses, but the writing part (and shell border) were a lot more difficult for me.

And look, my hard work paid off :)

Still, I can’t wait to take what I learned in class and apply it to real-life birthdays, parties and other celebrations. Although my birthday is next week, I’ve made too many cakes this past month to attempt my own (Plus, I love getting my birthday cakes from Simmas in Milwaukee). Last year, I got the best carrot cake ever. The cake was filled with walnuts, raisins and carrots and had the smoothest cream cheese frosting.

Question: What’s your ideal birthday cake?

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