Recycling Candles

Is it just me, or is anyone else pinching themselves that it’s April? With five weeks of work at my new job under my belt, getting adventurous in the kitchen has pretty much taken a back seat (besides the homemade pasta we made, featured in this DIY for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Honestly, last night we had a Boca burger and tater tots (a revival of my college days). Tonight I actually felt like I had a real meal – a cheese steak sandwich from our local Ferch’s Malt Shoppe. My sister got sweet potato fries with her chicken wrap and I was astounded that they served them with a side of marshmallow creme (has anyone ever seen this before!?).

Speaking of things I like (marshmallows), here’s something else I love (candles). Awhile back, I recycled my coveted Yankee Candles into one custom-made creation. This is best and easiest craft project I’ve ever stumbled upon.

First, save all your empty jars. Collect at least 3-4 before attempting to make another candle.

Next, place a wick (I got mine at Michael’s) in a glass container – this is just a leftover canning jar. Tie the wick around a pencil to keep it upright.


Next, placeĀ  about an inch of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Keep your old candle in the water until the wax melts.


Pour the wax into your new jar. But make sure you let the wax cool before you add another layer (which will keep the colors from mixing). And ta da – a brand new candle!


Question: What do you like recycling? My friends and I recycle clothes all the time during our clothing swaps. A super fun way to spend a night and add to your wardrobe.

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