Best Healthy Food Apps for 2012

Happy Tuesday! Today I have a guest post from BBGeeks, AndGeeks and Going Cellular writer Jane Johnson about great nutrition apps to help you eat better. Enjoy!

When it comes to eating healthy, your smartphone can be your best friend. With these apps, you can check your smartphone whenever you’re planning a night out or heading to the grocery store to make sure your diet choices are as healthy as possible.

1. Fooducate (Android, iPhone)

This app is brilliant. You simply scan the barcode of any food item at the supermarket, and Fooducate will give the product a score based on its nutrition information. Fooducate will alert you to hidden health risks like excessive sugar used to make nonfat foods palatable, controversial additives, preservatives, and colorings, trans fats, or confusing serving sizes (who eats 3 Oreos at a time?) Based on the product’s overall nutritional value, Fooducate gives it a letter grade from A to D, and you can compare it to other products of the same type—for instance, your microwave burrito is unlikely to score very highly, but you can at least buy the healthiest microwave burrito available. (Cost: Free)

2. VegOut (iPhone)

If you’ve ever had a hard time finding a healthy restaurant in town, VegOut can help—with listings for vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian-friendly cuisine all over the world (so you can even use it if you’re traveling overseas). The app also provides customer feedback from, so you actually know whether a place is worth eating at, not just its meat-free credentials. (Cost: $2.99)

3. Locavore (Android, iPhone)

This is just about the only app you need if you want to eat locally. Locavore will tell you what products are grown in your area, when they’re in season, and where to find them at local farms and farmer’s markets. Eating locally will help you eat fresh, preservative-free food, and helps the environment too. (Cost: Free)

4. How to Cook Everything (iPhone)

One of the easiest ways to make your diet healthier is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare them yourself, rather than frozen, canned, or pre-packaged foods that tend to be laden with sodium and preservatives. If you want to eat better, but feel like you could burn water,  get “How to Cook Everything” on your—it features step-by-step instructions, built in kitchen timers, and a schedule and shopping list to help you plan trips to the grocery store so you’re always working with fresh ingredients. (Cost: $4.99)

5. Food Additives (iPhone)

This is a great app for vegetarians, vegans, those with religious dietary restrictions, or anyone who is curious about what goes into the food they eat. Just about every conceivable food additive is included in this app, with information about the source of the additive, its purpose in the food, whether it would conflict with a vegan, kosher, gluten-free, halal, or other restricted diet, and most importantly, the health risks it might pose. When you see where all these additives come from and what they can do to your body, it might help you stay motivated to eat fresh, natural foods.(Cost: $3.99)

6. Nutrition Menu (iPhone)

Nutrition menu is an obsessively comprehensive list of food items, including 42,000 restaurant menu items, so you’ll know what you’re eating even when you eat out. It has the functionality to help you track your dietary intake over time, Weight Watchers points, and other indicators of the quality of your nutrition. Because it allows you to hold yourself accountable over time for your dietary choices, it can help you see which food items might be causing problems or preventing you from losing weight. (Cost: Free)

Bio: Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on everything from the T-Mobile new cell phone range to the latest iPad deals from Verizon.

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  • This was so interesting! I hadn’t heard of most of these but am definitely going to be downloading a few of them on my phone now!

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