Craft: DIY Button Monograms

Ever since I joined Pinterest a few months ago, I’ve quickly become obsessed. I’ve already adapted some decorating ideas and DIY projects into our apartment. My favorite so far have been my Button Monogram Initials on canvas. (Pssst, you can see the original pin of what I was going for here.) Now that Memorial Day, and the unofficial start of summer, is upon us, I love using some extra free time for crafting.

Here is a “T” I made for my nephew, Tristan – my sister hangs it above his changing table.

And the “A” I made for myself – it hangs in our half bathroom, which I have claimed as mine.

This is an “H” for my friend, Hillary. I still have yet to give it to her, so I hope she doesn’t read this post!

Here’s how I did it: I went to the fabric store and bought a few 9×9-inch blank canvases. Using a staple gun, I attached whatever fabric I wanted to the canvas (I love using the home decor fabrics because they are thicker).

Next, I found a font I liked (not too simple or complex) and blew it up on the computer. I printed it out and used the letter as a stencil and traced it onto the canvas with a pencil. Beforehand, I bought a ton of buttons and would place them on the canvas and arrange the shapes how I liked. Then I used a glue gun to keep them in place (much easier than sewing them if you ask me!). Once the buttons dried, I erased any lingering pencil marks. I then glued two strips of ribbon on the top of the back of the canvas to use as my hanging device. And ta da! Your very own button monogram on canvas.

Question: Have you actually made anything you’ve seen on Pinterest? Feel free to link up the pins you used as inspiration!

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