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I’ve been seeing this food survey popping up everywhere (most recently on Erica’s blog). Since I was always a sucker for surveys in high school, I couldn’t resist doing one again.

1) Coke or Pepsi?

Diet coke! (if I’m feeling naughty, if not, it’s water, coffee or tea)

2) Lemonade or fruit punch?

Lemonade. Fruit punch makes we think of Whop (remember that!?)

3) Caramel apple or cotton candy?

Caramel apples! I have to buy these every year.

4) Butterfinger or Snickers?

Butterfinger (too bad they don’t make BB’s anymore!)

5) Pudding or Jell-O?

I’m going gourmet and saying homemade custard – like that used in my Whiskey Tiramisu.

6) Turkey or chicken?

Chicken, because it’s so versatile. In fact, this Mexican Chicken Chowder is one of my favorite soups.

7) American or Provolone?

Neither – Cheddar! (I am from Wisconsin)

8) Crackers or cookies?

Cookies. I love baking them and decorating them (I made these for my sister’s baby shower)
9) Pretzels or chips?

Who am I kidding, chips!

10) Mexican food or Japanese food?

Mexican!! I got my enchilada/tamale/chimichanga fix last week.

11) Chinese food or Italian food?

Italian food is awesome (lasagna, homemade pizza, gnocchi), but I can’t say no to the occasional Chinese takeout.

12) Ice cream or cookies?

Both. Cookies in winter, ice cream in summer.

13) Pasta or pizza?

Homemade pizza

14) Soda or juice?

Trop 50 orange juice

15) Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles?

How about Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffles – my fav!

16) Apples or bananas?

I can’t live without either. Bananas are awesome, especially in Chocolate Overnight Oats.

17) Salad or soup?

Soup (except now when it’s 80 degrees and 100% humidity)

18) Cauliflower or broccoli?


19) Onion rings or French fries?

Cheese fries!

20) Blizzard or McFlurry?

Blizzard (especially their xs size)

21) Fried or poached eggs?

Scrambled with cheese

22) Crepes or pancakes?

Pancakes – regular and potato/ Zucchini, Carrot, Potato Pancakes

23) Hashbrowns or roasted potatoes?

I’m on a sweet potato kick

24) Oatmeal or cereal?

Oatmeal when it’s cold, cereal when it’s warm

Your turn…

Pasta or pizza?

Italian food or Chinese food?

Ice cream or cookies?

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