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To me, walking is a great form of exercise – perfect for people who are on the go and don’t have time for long workouts at the gym. There are many benefits of walking, like improving your mood, increasing energy and managing weight. And for someone new to an area, it’s a great way to explore your surroundings.

I’ve never shared this before, but walking has been my go-to-activity during lunch. I work in downtown Milwaukee just a few blocks away from Lincoln Memorial Drive and the Oak Leaf Trail. On an average day, I’ll walk 3.25 miles during my lunch hour. Depending on how busy my week is, I can usually get in 3 walks per week, maybe even 4 on a really good week. Since I’m a copywriter, I mostly sit at my computer all day, so it’s a great way to recharge my body and brain.

Since my walks are so scenic, I thought I’d show my readers what a typical lunchtime break walk looks like.

Here you can see the calatrava (aka the Milwaukee Art Museum).

Milwaukee’s Oak Leaf Trail – a hot spot for runners and bikers.

The beautiful Lake Michigan.

Question: Do you like to walk? Where do you like to do it and who do you do it with?

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6 Responses to “Milwaukee Walking Tour”

  • These pictures are beautiful! I love to walk & wish I could do so during my lunch break, too! Sadly, I only have about 25 minutes each day. My favorite walking partner is my pug, Stewie!

  • Love walking. Murphy is typically my partner in crime!

  • Dogs make the best walking partners :)

  • I walk Frame Park or downtown Waukesha on my lunch hour. Frame Park is always pretty especially right now when everything in blooming. Downtown Waukesha is a nice loop too to see what’s new and what has changed as its always changing. I usually walk alone as I’m in a small office and we have to spread out lunches to cover the phones. But my mom is a good after work walking partner.

  • Oh I am jealous!! There is nowhere to walk around my office- I am in the middle of a concrete jungle right next to the highway and a busy road without sidewalks. One time I tried walking and almost got hit! Usually my walks are with Jesse & the pup around our neighborhood. Much safer :) Thanks for sharing your scenery. It is gorgeous.

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