Peanut Butter S’mores Rice Krispie Treats


Today I’m posting now because I skipped the gym (gasp!). I knew it was going to happen because I felt like a bag of bones yesterday after a 5-mile run on Monday night and getting up Tuesday morning at 5:30 for cardio and strength training at my gym (I also managed to pack in two days of lunchtime walking).

To be honest, a good hour-long yoga session sounds like heaven right about now. On Wednesdays, my gym offers a 7 pm class. I’ve never gone at this time before (probably because it’s weird and I don’t know when to eat dinner). Maybe I should break it up and have a snack before and after? Advice!?

Memorial Day Dessert

This weekend we are heading to Brittney’s house to grill out for Memorial Day. Brenton and I are bringing a dessert, side and, of course, some booze. Since I’ve been thinking a ton about recipes, I thought I would share one that would be perfect for a picnic or party. It’s easy-peasy and includes all of my favorite things – like peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate and rice krispies.

I found the recipe on Avery’s blog and adapted it based on what I had in my own pantry.  love those decadent bar recipes I always see from other bloggers, but I hardly ever take the time to make them (I usually just admire the photos!)

My secret ingredient:

Step 1

Step 2: Add marshmallows

Step 3: bake

Step 4: Add some chocolate chips

Step 5: Add peanut butter rice krispie mixture

The final photo


Question: What are your go-to party desserts or side dishes? I’d love some links for ideas!

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