Third Time’s a Charm

I did it. I signed up for my third half marathon!

It’s the Fox Cities Half Marathon in Menasha, Wisconsin (Appleton area) 2012, and it’s my third time running that race. I love running it because the course is somewhat flat (besides two killer hills), there are tons of people cheering you on on the sidelines and the post-run corral (recovery/snack area) always has some great stuff (like chocolate milk, muffins and Arby’s roast beef sandwiches). Woo-ee!

In the past I have followed Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 half marathon training program. This same program helped me reach a 2:05:04 in 2010 and a 2:01:02 last year (see my race recap here.)

Interestingly enough, Hal now has a Novice 2 training program, in addition to an intermediate training program. I need to look into it further to see which one I should do.

Goals for this Year’s Race:

  • Beat 2 hours
  • Try to keep runner’s knee at bay (keep up with PT exercises)
  • And to look like this guy:

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (aka Zeddie Little) Source
Question: Do you have a race you are training for? If so, what are your goals for the race?

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6 Responses to “Third Time’s a Charm”

  • Hey! I just found your blog and I’m starting to train for my first half marathon (hopefully in late July or early August – the one I register for depends on how the training goes). I’m so excited to read all your older training posts and follow along as you train this year!
    Did you ever feel burnt out on Hal Higdon? That’s the one I’m starting to follow, but I’m not used to only 1 rest day per week. I usually take two straight up rest days and one XT day – whenever I start to go beyond that, my body starts feeling really burnt out.

    • Hi, Faith. So nice to “meet” you :) Congrats on committing on your first half. I love Hal’s plans and I couldn’t see myself following any other training plan. But I think you should always listen to your body. Since I’m prone to a bunch of running injuries, I make sure to focus on a lot of strength training and cross training in addition to running. And if I feel an injury flaring up, I’ll do a different exercise instead (like biking, elliptical or uphill walking on the treadmill).

  • Congrats on signing up for your 3rd half! While I run every now & then, I don’t consider myself a “runner.” My husband & I have tossed around the idea of running a half someday though! Good luck with your training!

  • YAY! Now we just need to convince Ryan, right?! I signed up for the Summerfest 5K. Scared!!!

  • So exciting!!! I am so impressed by your times. I’m sure you can beat 2hrs this time!! 3rd time is definitely a charm. My first half went terribly, so I immediately signed up for another one but it is not until October. I’ve got one definite 10K on the books before then, but probably will do a few other 5k & 10K races in between. Maybe a 15k if I can find one.

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