Weekend Update

Happy Monday!

Is it just me or did the weekend seem to fly by at lightening speed? Since work doesn’t start for me until 8:30-ish and I’m an early riser, I love using this time to catch up on the blog and paint my toenails (well, today at least).

For weeks I have been pounding away on a super fun article for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about unique gift ideas to get foodie couples this wedding season. It was finally published yesterday. My blog friend Brittney is getting married in September and was so gracious to let me interview her for the piece (check our her blog at BrittneyBreathing.com). In the online version, the engagement photo with her fiancé, Ryan,  is the main art for the piece. You can read the article and get some great gift ideas here.

Speaking of Brittney, we met her and Ryan for a sushi lunch on Saturday. Brenton and I split a lunch dish (with tempura, Alaska and Philly sushi) and some tempura-fried veggies. OMG so GOOD!

And don’t let me forget the eel sauce. I’ll have to look for this stuff at Woodman’s (because if anyone sells it in the Milwaukee area, I’m sure they do).

After lunch, I bought these Gizeh Birkenstock sandals. Since I have flat feet and suffer from runner’s knee, I figured getting a sandal with arch support would help keep my knee aligned when I’m not running.

I plan to get a longer run in today after work because we spent the rest of the weekend at my parent’s house. We grilled out 3 times (yay!) and I got my baby fix. Here is a pic of Oliver chilling next to the baby for the first time.

He’s still very curious about the baby and sniffs him all the time. Since Oliver isn’t great with kids (he gets skiddish around them), I’ve been trying to bring him around the baby as much as possible to get him acclimated. For anyone who has kids, do you have any tips on how you got your pet and baby to coexist?

Did anything fun happen this weekend?

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6 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  • Kristy:

    Hey Alysha,

    I saw this show on incorporating kids into a house with cats (particularly those that run away when kids come in) and they said to make sure you give the animal somewhere safe to go- so they can escape if they want, but still be around (for cats up on a couch/stool, etc)- maybe a gated area for Oliver? They also said to be sure you reward the animal for good behavior around the baby- so when they are sniffy or laying close, let them know they are okay. The things I saw was about a toddler who was naughty to a cat so they always reprimanded him and then he was only allowed to touch when someone else was with the animal so it felt assured. Not sure if cats-dogs totally relate- but food for thought :)

    • Kristy-that is super-helpful. And I totally think that cats and dogs are the same when it comes to introducing new family members. Both of them get stressed, which is why they act out in aggression. BTW, what show were you watching?

  • Love your article on gifts for foodies! Also, I love Philly rolls! Yum!

  • I NEVER THOUGHT OF GOING TO WOODMANS TO LOOK FOR EEL SAUCE!!! Oh my gosh, let me know if you find it!!!!

  • I agree – this weekend passed by way too quickly!

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