Coco Banana PB Crave Balls

It’s no secret that I have about 8 jars of peanut butter in my house. But this is a problem I’d gladly have any day of the week (because I know  overnight oats in a jar is in my future). I still have a bit of PB Crave left, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to adapt one of their flavors into a recipe.

On Sunday, I met the girls for a Buffy-watching/pizza party. My friend Sun has made Katie Lee’s peanut butter balls many times before, so I knew she’d like this recipe. I used PB Crave’s Coco Bananas to make a banana-infused peanut butter ball. They were so good, I kind of regret leaving them at Jess’s house.

The balls are made with Rice Krispies (hence the holes in the dough). This made them a little airier than typical PB balls.


Name a favorite TV show from your past that you’re embarrassed to admit watching. Before soaps were a dying breed, I would have said “All My Children.” My mom watched that show when I was growing up, so I was heartbroken when it went off the air.

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