First Repeat Run!

Happy Friday! I’m so excited for the weekend to finally be here. Tomorrow, Brenton and I are going on a Milwaukee Food Tour through the Wauwatosa village. If you remember, last year we went on their Bloody Mary Brunch Tour through Milwaukee’s Third Ward. We obviously had a good time!


This morning I got in a good workout for my half marathon training. On the training schedule, it said 6×400 m @5k pace. According to Sun, my 5k pace is 8:17 (since I was on a treadmill, I ran at 8:13 or 7.3 mph). I ran the 200 m intervals (.15 miles on the treadmill to make it easier) at a 10:30 pace or 5.7 mph. I planned to run this outside yesterday at a nearby high school track, but I ended up working late and there was a storm coming. I actually liked doing this workout on the treadmill though because I was able to get a better feel of what each pace was and easily adjust it.

Training aside, this is a great treadmill workout that I’ll be using during the off-season too. It made time go by super fast.

I also have a fun story for y’all. A few weeks ago on my lunchtime walk, I spotted this little fellow.

I’ve never seen a deer on the Oak Leaf Trail before (it’s right next to Lake Michigan). Soon the little guy was on the move.

This little guy was headed straight for Lincoln Memorial Drive! Thankfully his mom came out and brought him back into the trees (which I don’t even know where they were going because we were in downtown Milwaukee. There are pockets of woods, but it’s still a city).

Question: Have you ever seen a wild animal in an unexpected place?  When we lived in Shorewood (a suburb north of Milwaukee), we saw two deer in the middle of a construction zone. Weird but kinda cool!

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