8 miles in + Stuffed Pepper Casserole (a training recipe)

Yesterday was my longest run this season – 8 miles, baby! Unfortunately, my knee starting aching after mine 6 so I stretched, iced and took some pain meds when I got home. It was an absolutely perfect day in Wisconsin…and then I turned on the news.

Just 10 minutes down the road from my house, 6 people were killed at the Skih Temple in Oak Creek, WI (not including the killer). It is such a safe neighborhood and so close to home, so this is just devastating. Tonight a few us us girls are seeing Magic Mike at the movie theater in Oak Creek. It’s a little scary to be so close to the tragedy while so many people are in pain. My thoughts are prayers are with those affected by this horrible event.

Now back to the original subject. Besides the knee pain, it was the best run I’ve had all summer. About 76 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze, it was just gorgeous out.

Me and my sweatiness  post-run

I finished 8 miles (including a .3 mile warm-up in 1:23:11). My average splits were about a 10-minute mile. My goal for race day is to run a sub 9:05 minute mile. But I don’t want to push myself too much and make this knee injury worse.

This run was also fantastic because I am running with my new Nike prescription sunglasses. Those rubber grips on the nose keep them from sliding down my face when I sweat. They are absolutely awesome.

Since I am in full training mode, I have less time to cook. Adapting traditional stuffed peppers into a casserole saves a bunch of time and gives me leftovers for days. The rice on the bottom supplies some much needed carbs for my runs and lean ground beef and low-fat cheese offers a healthy dose of protein. You only need 1 pound of meat for the whole recipe, which serves 6-8. Not bad!


Question: What are your favorite recipes for busy weeknights? Feel free to link up!

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