Adventures at Odd Duck

Last night, a few former coworkers and I headed to Odd Duck in Bay View for Happy Hour. My friend Julie got a new job so we needed to celebrate.

At Odd Duck, you’ll find an ever-changing menu (seriously, it changes every day) focused on local, in-season ingredients. They also encourage sharing, which seems to bring the whole table together even more.

In addition to $5 glasses of wine, we started the night with a tomato salad. When someone picked this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was easily my favorite dish of the night. The tomatoes tasted like they were picked 5 minutes before we sat down. It was garnished with fresh herbs, pesto and shaved cheese.

Next came the black bean enchiladas. I really liked how they used just a sprinkling of cheese instead of dousing the whole dish in it, which is what you usually find with Mexican dishes around Milwaukee. My only suggestion would be to kick up the spices just a bit.

The last dish we shared was a chevre & spring vegetable terrine, arugula, and aged balsamic crostini. I absolutely adore chevre cheese, but I liked it even more with the tangy balsamic vinegar on top. I think I need to head to Oro di Oliva so I can make this at home (It would look great on top of the cheese board that the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board gave us on our Madison cheese tour).

On the reading front, I just discovered a new author I just love. Jane Green’s writing reminds me a lot of Sophie Kinsella. I just finished “The Other Woman,” which is about Ellie and her relationship with her mother-in-law. Ellie’s mom was an alcoholic and died when Ellie was 13. When she married her husband Dan, she thought her mother-in-law would be the mother she never had. Linda (which is my mom’s name) is the mother–in-law. She tries to make Ellie into her daughter. Although you’d think this would drive them together, Ellie drives Linda away and it almost ruins her marriage. In the end, Ellie comes to understand Linda and finally able to accept her for the woman she is, not the woman she wants her to be.

Since my commute is pretty long, about 30 minutes each way, I read this on audiobook. The story is based in London and the most lovely British woman was the narrator. I loved her voice. I think I may start using “loo” in everyday conversation now.


Question: Do you have any book suggestions? Is there an author you just love? My other favorite author is Emily Giffin. I have read all 6? of her books. Although I love to read a bunch of random things, it’s rare that I find an author I like so much where I have to read everything he/she writes.

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