Marvelous Monday

Happy Marvelous Monday! Today is especially marvelous because I had a marvelous weekend.

On Saturday morning, I upped the ante yet again and ran a “quick” 9 miles before a massage appointment (I figured I’d book one when I really needed it most).

Pre-run, I fueled up with some whole-wheat zucchini banana bread and homemade lemon curd, a diced peach and some coffee.

I waited about an hour and a half after eating to run and then downed a half package of Powerbar Energy Blasts during the run. All in all, a great run. I’m really curious what my running readers eat before a long run. Feel free to leave a comment!

Afterwards, I had a 60 minute massage in Wauwatosa. I absolutely loved my massage therapist. She was so nice and even gave me back exercises to work on (in addition to kneading a knot out of my quad for 15 minutes – thank god for her!). I just booked another appointment for after the Fox Cities Half Marathon. What’s even better is that she gave me the groupon deal for my next visit so I’m only paying $30 for a 60-minute deep tissue massage. Woo hoo!

After the massage Brenton and I headed to the West Allis farmers market and then Milwaukee Irish Fest. Needless to say, we were pooped.

On Sunday, I had a great time brunching with the ladies at Karis’ house.

Karis, Erica, Lisa and I

Karis put on quite the spread. We enjoyed a Greek yogurt bar with vanilla Chobani yogurt, a vegetable frittata, cinnamon-sugar doughnuts (which now really make me want a doughnut pan),  fried potatoes and cantaloupe. You can check out links to Karis’ recipes on her blog.

Obviously I couldn’t wait to dig into my yogurt parfait.

By the way, I am super jealous of Karis’ container garden. I’ve killed herbs the three times I’ve tried to grow them, and hers are perfect.

In addition, I also finished Emily Giffin’s “Where We Belong.” Like all of her other books, I loved this one too. It’s about an 18-year-old girl who gives her child up for adoption only to have her daughter find her 18 years later. I’ve heard rumors that there will be a sequel and a movie. If this does hit the big screen, I totally see Kate Middleton playing Marian. Maybe she should consider a career in acting….

Although I had a great weekend packed with tons of fun things (and work things), I think sometimes I need to slow down more and really live in the moment (instead of jumping from one thing to the next). Do you have any tips for living in the moment? What are you grateful for today?

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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