Fox Cities Half Marathon 2012 Recap

It’s in the books! My third half marathon is officially over. On Thursday I was completely freaking out about the race because I was battling a cold and didn’t know how that would affect my running. Well I can happily report that I did great! I PR’d and hit my goal of beating 2 hours. My official time was 01:59:43 – just 17 seconds under my goal. Talk about cutting it close!

The night before the race, Brenton’s parents made homemade spring rolls. Light, healthy and super delicious, I really needed a meal with low fiber, lean protein and high carbs. This meal was perfect before a race for those reasons.

This morning’s breakfast looked a lot like last year’s: white toast, peanut butter and honey with a side of fruit and a cup of coffee.

The race started at 7 am and it was about 40 degrees outside. My outfit was pretty skimpy compared to the other runners. (I was wearing my Lululemon Run: Shorty Shorts, which worked out perfectly. Those things don’t ride up or move). Everyone else was wearing a jacket or leggings. I’d have to say, I wish I would have worn a long sleeved top – like this Star Runner top from Lululemon. Obviously I underestimated the weather in Appleton, Wisconsin. I was freezing the entire race.

At mile 7.5, I was still going strong despite the cold weather and my lingering cold (my nose kept running, sexy I know).

Brenton snapped a picture of these ladies cheering on the runners. This was at mile 12. I was grimacing/staring at the ground/and just trying to finish, so I didn’t see them.

Due to my cold, I also had to breathe through my mouth the entire time, hence the face!

My strategy for the race was to do even splits. And since I wanted to break 2 hours, I had to run at about a 9:09 min/mile. Using my Garmin Forerunner, I saw that my splits ranged from 9 minute miles to 9:18 minute miles and I nabbed an official chip time of 1:59:43. I still don’t know how I preformed compared to other runners (the other results aren’t on the site yet), but I couldn’t be more thrilled with my time.

It’s still too early to say what my goal will be for next year, other than another PR. I’d love to sign up for another half in addition to the fox cities one…maybe Milwaukee’s Rock n’ Sole? It’s June 15, 2013, so we shall see!

To see my recap of last year’s Fox Cities Half Marathon, click here (You’ll notice a very similar outfit! This is obviously my lucky tank top).

Question: Do you have any lucky race clothing or accessories?

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