Fox Citites Half Marathon: Only 3 Days to Go!

Today I am praying to the running gods. I’m already freaking out about the Fox Cities Half Marathon and now I’ve caught a cold! It started on Tuesday night when I was watching “A Little Bit of Heaven.” (which, BTW, I cried at least 4 times. Watching people die puts me to mush.)


I started getting a sore throat, and I didn’t sleep at all that night because the pain was so bad. I was actually really worried that it was strep. Now, I’m not worried about that but I know it’s a cold. My head is congested, I keep sneezing…you know, the usual.

Last night I took some cough meds before sleeping for a glorious 9 1/2 hours. I’m still not up to par (in the least), but I’m hoping I’ll at least feel good enough to race on Sunday. Question: Have you ever raced with a cold? At what point would you not run?

Yesterday and today are the last two training runs. I skipped yesterday and I don’t think I’m running today because I want to conserve my energy.

Wellspring Cooking Class

For those of you living around the Milwaukee area, there is a cooking class I would like to share with you. On September 27th, Wellspring Organic Farm and Education, Retreat Center is hosting a Healthy Substitutions Cooking Class, teaching folks how to make healthy, organic version of kitchen staples (BTW, Wellspring is in West Bend, WI).

Take ketchup for example, a 2 tablespoon serving contains 8 grams of sugar. Luckily for condiment lovers, enjoying ketchup does not need to be a diet buster. At the cooking class, KC Thorson, local chef and organic cooking coach, will be sharing her recipes and tips for healthy versions of household favorites like ketchup, mayo, white and BBQ sauces.

The class will be held from 6-8 p.m. at Wellspring located at 4382 Hickory Rd. West Bend, WI 53090. The cost is to join is $20 for those who register prior to September 25, and $25 for those after.

To sign up for the class or learn more, check out Wellspring’s website.

Recipe Contest!

Just BARE is celebrating simplicity in the kitchen with a 5-ingredient recipe contest. Submit at by October 9, after which the top 20 finalist recipe entrants will win $500 cash prizes and a spot in the brand’s first-ever Just BARE digital cookbook. The grand prize recipe will be chosen by Facebook and featured in Whole Living Magazine. Plus, people who place votes on Facebook are entered into a drawing for one of five iPads.

Recipes should incorporate no more than five ingredients. Chicken, salt, pepper and a fat source(s) for cooking do not count against the total.




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