How I Recovered From My Half Marathon

Thank goodness it’s Thursday. This week has just flown by. And after Sunday’s Half Marathon, my body is feeling as good as new. I thought I felt OK after the race (not too sore), but the 1 1/2 hour car ride back to Milwaukee made me so stiff that I felt like I morphed into an 80-year-old woman.

However, I feel that slowly amping up my activity helped a TON. Here’s what I did this week:

Monday: Walk 30 minutes

Tuesday: Walk 30 minutes in the morning, walk an additional 60 minutes during lunch

Wednesday: 20 minutes on the elliptical, 25 minutes of weight lifting

Thursday (today): 25 minutes on the elliptical, 25 minutes of strength training, 60 minutes of walking during lunch

I also did my fair share of foam rolling and BioFreeze rolling.

Although I have been running for years, I didn’t try BioFreeze until ordering it from Swanson Vitamins about a month ago (They also have a huge selection of vitamins, supplements, organic foods, natural bath/beauty products, eco-friendly cleaners, etc.). Swanson contacted me about trying some of their products. Of course I picked up an assortment of goodies from Bob’s Red Mill, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and Stevia.

I love the fact that it’s so much cheaper to buy BioFreeze from Swanson’s. It was only $10.32, which is at least $4 cheaper than where I have seen it elsewhere. Basically, it’s a roll-on pain reliever that helps with arthritis, muscle, joint and back pain. Since I can’t walk around with ice packs on my legs at work, this really helped with my pain. It was cool and soothing. I definitely think that this, in combination with foam rolling, light activity and stretching, helped me bounce back quicker after this half marathon. I can’t wait to run on Saturday (it’s supposed to be 69 here and sunny).

Speaking of the race, I decided to reward myself for doing such a great job and beating my 2 hour goal (I finished in 1:59:43).

I was trolling through Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” section and stumbled on these Sun Sprinter Crops. I figured these would be perfect for fall running because they are form fitting (no flopping pant legs I can trip on). There are also panels of Circle Mesh to keep me cool.

I think the back side may be even cuter than the front. I love the slight details like the zipper in back for my Gu’s (or for Oliver’s poop bag!). Regularly $88, I snagged these babies for $69! I know that is still crazy expensive, but I LOVE the quality of Lululemon (like my Run: Shorty Shorts). I’m still waiting for these to ship to my house, so I’ll give an update to let you guys know how I really like them.

Question: How do you reward yourself after you reach a goal (big or small)? Although I am a total sweets lover, I’ve heard that you should not reward yourself with food. I still do, of course, but not very often. With running especially, I feel like new workout gear or accessories are a great reward because they make me feel good when I’m using them (like my Garmin 305 watch) – unlike a cupcake, in which the effects would be gone after eating it.

Disclaimer: I was given free products by Swanson Vitamins. I was not given them in exchange for a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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