Race Dreams

There’s less than a week to go until the Fox Cities Half Marathon and the race dreams have already started. Last year it was being the last one to start the race or starting the race 15 minutes after the last runner had taken off. This year it’s been forgetting to create a race day playlist or not having my iPod charged (which terrifies me because I need music to run).

Although I have been freaking out about the race for about a week (you know, normal race jitters), the one thing that boosts my confidence is a long training run. Yesterday was my last long training run before the race. On Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Training Plan, I was supposed to cap at 12 miles. I ended up running 11 miles because I only ran 10.15 last Sunday (instead of the 11 I was supposed to d0). I thought a  jump from 10.15 to 12 was too drastic, so I stopped at 11.

Here is my pre-run fuel: One cup of coffee (not pictured), one slice of white bread, one banana, a schmear of cashew butter and a drizzle of honey. I’ve been reading a lot on pre-race/run nutrition, and a lot of people are saying to stick with low-fiber meals while eating more carbs.

This meal obviously did the trick because I had an awesome run. I was hardly winded when I came back into the house. I think all this running helps regulate my breathing and allows me to adapt to more miles. (I should mention that I did have one GU packet at mile 6 on the run).

My Foodie Angel

A few weeks ago I vented a “bit” on my August Foodie Pen Pal. Well, I thought I would give you guys an update on the situation. After I got back from my week in Northern Wisconsin, I found these goodies on my doorstep from Carol at Lucky Zucca.

She knows that Trader Joe’s is pretty far away from my house, so she sent me a bunch of her favorite goodies from there. I cannot even explain how touched I was by Carol and her note. To say it was extremely thoughtful is an understatement. I feel extremely blessed to have such good blogger friends out there. I hope someday I can thank Carol in person because I would love to meet her!

Oliver loves his jerky from Sadie! He’s obviously feeling pretty spoiled too lately!

Question: Were you ever completely surprised by someone’s kindness? Does anyone else have race dreams besides me!?

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