Brunch at Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee (and other random events)

Good morning! I had good intentions to write this post yesterday, but somehow the day got away from me. “In Time” was on HBO, and even though I’ve seen that movie before, I got sucked right in.

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my William Bounds Sili Tea Ball giveaway! I chose a winner on and Laurie from Love, Laugh, Laurie! won. Congrats, lady! I will be emailing you soon.

On the writing front, one of my Gatherings columns was published on Sunday. Since we only have a month or two of nice weather in Wisconsin, we need to tailgate while we can. This menu features Portobello Pesto Burgers, Mexican Eight Layer Dip and Key Lime Bars. For the recipes and to see the article, go to

On Sunday I met up with some fabulous Milwaukee bloggers for brunch at Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee. It’s one of the most popular bunch spots in town, so Lisa and Karis arrived an hour early so we could get a table. They are open every day from 7am-2pm. I would recommend getting there as early as you can so you don’t have to wait as long.

Once you get a bite of your meal, it’s a no brainier to see why this place is packed. When we sat down, I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Although I’ve yet to try Starbucks’ version, this one was pretty darn fantastic.

For my meal, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Crepe, which had caper cream cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and sour cream, along with a side of fresh fruit.

The crepe was delicate and fluffy. Although the chef could have gone a little lighter with the cream cheese, the ingredients paired unbelievably well together.

From Left to Right: Inger, Me, Erica, Lisa and Molly. Thanks, Karis for taking and sharing your photo!

Afterwards I headed to Michael’s for some crates. I get so much inspiration from Pinterest that Brenton and I are making this coffee table that we spotted on there:

I started searching antique shops for vintage crates but they are crazy expensive ($30-$50 EACH!) and it’s practically impossible to find 4 of the same kind. I’m hoping we can get this project completed within the next month. I’ll definitely post some pictures when I do!

Question: What types of things do you order during brunch?

Have you ever made anything that you saw on Pinterest?

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