Cyber Monday Deals for Runners

I scoured the ads on Thursday with one goal in mind: new running shoes. Most people would just head to Kohl’s for something like this, but the wrong shoes can affect your whole body and even cause injuries. I’ve been to Performance Running Outfitters in Milwaukee and they do a great job fitting runners with shoes that work.

It’s because of them that I got hooked on Brooks Adrenaline. My oldest pair is from my first half marathon in 2010 (the blue ones at the bottom). I got my red ones a year later and then went manly with all-back about 6 months ago.

Although I like Brooks, I figured you could always get something better. Anyways, back to the deals. I’m obsessed with bright shoes and Saucony was offering 20% on their site (which you can still take advantage of through Cyber Monday with code 20HOLIDAY).

I pretty much had my mind made up when I visited Run Away Shoes in Appleton on Friday. I know, I know. You cannot and should not buy a shoes based on looks, but their ads in Runner’s World completely sucked me in (which is surprising considering I work in this industry and know all the tricks).

But after trying on about 9 pairs, I finally broke free of my Brooks addiction. I settled on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9.


I loved how the Mizuno hugged my heels so they didn’t pop out during runs (which sometimes happened with my Brooks). My feet also felt very secure without the shoe being too bulky.

At first I thought the color was little out there, but the electric blue is growing on me and now I love it. But hot pink with green would be even better (are you listening, Mizuno!?) I bought these on Black Friday at Run Away Shoes in Appleton for $113 with 15% off. I thought this was a pretty good price considering some of their shoes can run up to $140-$150.

Question: Did you buy anything on Black Friday? Are you loyal to any brand of running shoes? And what do you do with your old ones? I’m hoping Pinterest can help me with that last one, but I doubt anyone is crafting with old sneakers.

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