I’ll Take the Fake

It’s officially here: winter in Wisconsin. On Thanksgiving we celebrated in 60 degree weather and now it has dipped into the 20s. On the upside, the cold has put me in the Christmas spirit. I successfully put up half of our decorations (everything but the 3′ tree - you know, the most important part :)  I can’t wait until I have a huge house and can finally have a big, fake Christmas tree (just like I had growing up). I take comfort that the tree I remember looking at when I was 5 is still the same tree my parents put up. Plus, I feel it’s better for the environment because it can constantly be reused. Here are some pics of the other holiday elements I’ve already put up:


We have a tradition of taking a picture with Oliver every year and sending it out to friends and family with our Christmas cards. I’m still thinking of ideas for this year.

Blogger Issues

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been having some issues commenting to WordPress-powered blogs. I think because I have been commenting so much, WordPress may be recognizing me as spam on some of my favorite blogs (like Brigitt, Jane and Corrie’s). If you’d like to see the lovely notes I’ve been trying to write you, go into your comments section and approve my comments that are in your spam folder. For some reason I’ve been able to fix the issue on other blogs. Completely weird, but if anyone has experienced anything like this, let me know!

Question: Do you decorate for the holidays? And let’s settle this Christmas tree thing once and for all: real or fake?

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