Thursday Things

What I’m announcing:

I got a new job! I start on Monday and couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ll be a social media strategist at one of Milwaukee’s largest advertising agencies. This company has such a stellar reputation, and I feel privileged to say I work there. The whole transition will obviously be a challenge in itself; it’s always so hard starting a new job, learning new names, processes, your way to the bathroom…

What I’m looking at:

Our Pinterest DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table is now complete! It turned out even better than I expected. Two weekends ago, Brenton went up to Appleton to make the base and screw everything together with his dad. They also added wheels to make it easier to move. You can check out the original pin here.

Oliver is obviously thrilled as seen by his tongue sticking out. Surprisingly, he wasn’t too freaked out when Brenton brought this in the house (like he gets whenever be bring a large box, suitcase or anything else foreign into the apartment).

If you have any questions about making your own DIY Crate Coffee Table, email me at I didn’t know how many people would be interested in seeing the whole process.

What I’m wearing:

Boot candy a la Pinterest. I’ve been looking at these riding boot toppers for months. Since Brenton’s mom is an expert knitter, I asked if she would make me a pair. Check out the awesome job she did:

These are the original ones from Pinterest in case you’re wondering:

How to make boot socks, thigh high socks, leg warmers.

What I’m eating:

Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. Last week we got a new TJ’s in Brookfield, which Brittney and I flocked to on opening day because we are total food nerds (check out her fun purchases here). Thanks to Carol, I still have 3/4 jar of Cookie Butter left, so I didn’t need to pick that up :)


What I’m entering:

This Fall Baking Giveaway from William Bounds (the awesome company who hosted my Sili Tea Ball Giveaway.) When you “like” their Facebook page, you can enter to win $70 in prizes — including a nutmeg twister and their Sili Gourmet server, brush and pie crust protector (everything you need to bake and serve the perfect pie). Hurry! Contest ends Nov. 19.

What I’m looking forward to:

Remember my trip to Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee last month? Well, I’m so excited to get together with Brittney and Laurie (and their respective hubby’s/hubby’s to be). They are troopers for agreeing to meet Brenton and I at 8 am on a Sunday, but Blue’s Egg is one of the hottest brunch spots in town and I’d rather get there early than wait an hour (patience is not one of my virtues!)

Question: What are your Thursday Things?

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