Tuesday Funnies

I’m baaccckk! I was so happy that so many bloggers yesterday took a day of silence. I found myself thinking about the victims before bed last night. You never know when life can be taken away from you. Although this event shouldn’t have happened, things like this make me grateful for everything in my life.

To lighten things up a notch and make you smile, I thought I’d share some of my real-life funnies.

Remember this news clip, “Hide Your Kids. Hide Your Wife“? Well I was connecting to the internet at home and one of our neighbors was obviously inspired.

Our lease is up this summer and Brenton and I are looking for a new place is various towns around Milwaukee. While looking at Craigslist for duplexes, I came across this picture. The kitchen was even worse, just piles of dirty dishes. If this place isn’t sold already, I’d be really surprised :)

Brenton and I received our first piece of mail as a married couple. I must be really busy to have missed my own wedding! (by the way, the sender did not write Mr. and Mrs. twice – that’s my wonderful Photoshop job to remove our house number!)

Oliver is never allowed in our bed. We bought new furniture and a mattress last spring and everything was too expensive to risk Oliver scratching/shedding/peeing on our bed. After I caught him on there one Sunday morning, he didn’t look one bit guilty.

My nephew Tristan peed on Brenton a month ago. I just found this photo and couldn’t stop laughing.

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Question: What have you been laughing about lately?

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