Healthy Resolutions for 2013

I’m not so much about New Year’s resolutions and I am about continuously striving for improvement throughout the year. Sill, there is one thing I really want to work on and this pin says it all:



My biggest flaw is caring too much about what people think. Let me rephrase that. I care too much about what my mother thinks. If I get excited about something and she makes a negative comment, it sends me into a tizzy. Whether it’s an outfit or a life decision, I must have this subconscious desire to please her and be the perfect child. This year, I need to learn to let go. I am my own person and need to make my own choices — whether she agrees with them or not. I want to feel more confident in my beliefs and not feel the need to justify my every thought and action.

Here’s one choice that my mother would die over but I am completely in love with.

I finally bought the Lululemon Astro Pants that I’ve been coveting for years! (or so it seems) When they went on sale for $79, I knew I had to jump on these (they are originally $98, so $20 off is a steal). Most people, my mother included, would think spending that much on yoga pants is an absolute sin, but these are the most comfortable, luxurious yoga pants I have ever slid my butt into. It’s like I’m sitting on a cloud. Here is the side view:

This falls into my next goal: Take out more time for me and not feel guilty about it. Whether it’s meeting with my personal trainer or getting a massage, I need to take time for me in order to feel sane. I feel that it helps to schedule “me time” or else it won’t happen. This isn’t to say one should be self-indulgent all the time, but if you work hard, you deserve it. Plus, it helps keep your goals on track. I feel it’s finding balance between the two, which I still need to work on.

It’s funny how each of my resolutions center around guilt :)

Question: What are your goals for 2013? AND What do you spend a lot of money on that would make others think you’re insane? Other than these yoga pants, I’m a strong believer in good purses (I used to work at Coach, so I’m trained well). Coach and Kate Spade are my go-to brands. I also believe in buying the best running shoes I can afford. Proper footwear is key to preventing injuries.

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