Icebreaker Marathon Relay Recap

We survived! The Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay that is. Laurie, Karissa, Sarah and I duked it out against 99 other relay teams.

The race didn’t start until 1 pm on Saturday, so I had all morning to drink coffee, clean and hang out with Oliver. The race takes place inside the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee (It looks like a skating rink with a track around it). Here was my race outfit: lucky pink tank top (which I wear for every race), grey capris, Zensa argyle compression socks and Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 sneakers.

My breakfast that morning consisted of coffee and baked oatmeal (which I must really post about sometime. It’s the best!).

I wasn’t hungry enough to eat my banana so I took it along with me to eat between laps. Since we had 4 girls running 26.2 miles, we each ran 4 laps at a time (1.1 miles).

I ended up just eating the Clif Crunch bar and the banana. While constantly running, my appetite went down to zilch.

Go team Buns on the Run!

Laurie and I decompressing before the race.

One thing I didn’t expect was for the track to me so dry. For some reason I wasn’t that thirsty and only drank about 16 oz. of water the whole time I was there.


Our teammates Sarah and Karissa. Karissa loves cats…almost too much!

Laurie bookin’ it.

Between reps we warmed up with the sexiest blankets you’ve ever seen (covered with dog hair no less).

We placed 59th out off 99 teams and finished at 3:40:53 with an average pace of 8:26. I think we did an awesome job considering we switched runners 26 times (and each time we had to swap out an ankle timing chip). Also, we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. Most of us considered this race a workout and didn’t train too hard. This winter I’ve been running only 2x’s per week plus a bunch of strength training and other cardio. So considering that, I was pleased with my performance — and the rest of my team. These ladies did an awesome job and made the whole event worth it!

Although this was a fun race, half marathons are more my style. I’d much rather get the running over with and party at the end! Since we have so many races around Milwaukee, I’d love to run a 10k or two this summer (hopefully with Laurie and Brittney!). I always run my races alone and it is much more fun when you have a friend along.

Question: Do you have a running sweet spot?
(i.e. a distance you stick to for races?) I find it hilarious that I’ve run 3 half marathons but only one 5k. I need to add some diversity!

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