MKEFoodies at Lake Park Bistro

If you’re a foodie in Milwaukee, you’ve heard of the Bartolotta’s restaurants. One of the most well known is Lake Park Bistro. I’ve always wanted to dine here, and I finally got my chance Tuesday night at the MKEFoodies event.

MKEFoodies is “the” food blogging community in Milwaukee. They do monthly get-togethers at some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants, plus charity events like Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

Karis, Chris and Lisa. Photo courtesy of Joe Laedtke,

At first I was a little nervous about going because all my food blogging friends were brining their hubbies (Karis with Chris, Lisa with Craig, and Molly and Mike), and I was showing up solo. Thankfully Molly and Mike got there before me. Speaking of which, Mike is actually my coworker, but I had never met him because our company is so big. What a small world!

Me being caught on the fly. Photo courtesy of Joe Laedtke,

Molly and Mike. Photo courtesy of Joe Laedtke,

My last MKEFoodies event was at Roots in Milwaukee about 2 years ago. My, have things changed! Now only was the crowd about 5 times bigger, but there was much more of an emphasis on food. We tried wine, escargot, pate, steak, crème brûlée and a lemon tart. Everything was delicious and cooked to perfection (especially the escargot). And the atmosphere of Lake Park Bistro was just gorgeous. If you ever needed to plan a special date (anniversary, birthday), this place is perfect.

Just some of the delicious eats at Lake Park Bistro. Photo courtesy of Lisa.

Wining and dining with Molly and Mike. Photo courtesy of Lisa.

Question: Is there a restaurant in your town that you’ve always wanted to go to?

Besides Lake Park Bistro, I’ve always wanted to dine at Ristorante Bartolotta in Wauwatosa, Sanford in Milwaukee and Thai-Namite on Brady St. in Milwaukee.

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