The Icebreaker is Here

Some things just creep up on you — like getting sick, a messy kitchen or even a race.

That’s how I feel about the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon relay this Saturday. I have not run on a track since high school, nor have I ever ran on a relay team. This coupled with the fact that I haven’t been seriously training means our “Buns on the Run” team (yes, that’s our team name!) is bound for greatness.

Ok, before you think I’ve been eating potato chips couchside all winter, I have been working out a lot. My idea of a fun run is lacing up and bringing Oliver for a 5-miler through the Oak Leaf Trail by our house.

I’m more concerned about getting out there, hitting a certain distance and getting a tan. That’s why I love the half marathon so much (minus the getting a tan part), Once you start talking about mile repeats and the like, I pretty much lose interest. I wonder if there’s a training plan called “going out there and doing my thing”?

In addition to running, I’ve been meeting with  my personal trainer about once a week and doing a lot of cardio (I’m loving the elliptical these days). I also want to get back into doing more classes at my gym. Since I left Xperience fitness, I miss my BodyPump like crazy. Instead I’ve tried their Interval, core and yoga classes.

So the fact that I’ve been varying my workout routine and staying active gives me confidence that I’ll hit our 8-minute mile time on Saturday. I’ve already thought about what I’m going to wear — definitely my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 and Zensa Compression Socks. I’ll also probably wear my Lululemon capris and a running jacket. It’s supposed to be in the 50s inside at the Pettit National Ice Center where the race is being held.

Before I leave for the day, I wanted to show you my nephew’s latest picture. I visited him this weekend and he just lights up any room he’s in. He’s 10 months old and just took his first steps last week. He also has 7 teeth and loves to eat. He even ate a whole veal parmesan patty the night before…with a banana. At least he can now walk all of his calories off :)

Question: What sneaks up on you?

Besides races, I always feel the holidays sneak up on me…then the sneak away. I can’t believe they’re over for the year!

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