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Holy Bachelor! Was anyone else shocked when Ashlee got the boot last night? As a fan of Desiree and Ashlee, I really hoped Sean would pick one of them. Brenton’s vote is on Catherine (and mine too if I have to choose).

From TV to film, several Milwaukee food bloggers celebrated the Oscars in style at Karis’ house on Sunday night.

None of us knew who was going to win, but we did know one thing: We’d all be indulging in some delicious eats. As ever the elegant hostess, Karis brought out all the stops, from pumpkin “Hollywood” cupcakes with cream cheese icing to movie popcorn and theater candy.

The rest of us each brought a dish to pass. Molly brought caprese skewers with mozzarella, cherry  tomatoes, basil and salami. Inger brought Life of Pi curry salad and vegetarian sliders. Erica brought mini crab cakes that I will be making as soon as she posts the recipe. I’ve never thought of making crab cakes in a mini muffin tin, but it was a great idea for a party. Since I had no time to make anything, I brought Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip with carrots and Life Should Taste Good chips.

Photo courtesy of Karis

Before the show started, we each filled out ballots to guess the winners. Halfway through the show, we played a dirty Santa game with prizes that Karis gave us. Since I was in second, I got the choice to either pick a new prize or steal one from someone else.

Photo courtesy of Karis

Lisa originally got a Wisconsin Foodie and movie prize pack (and yes, that’s a photo of Kyle Cherek and I from our cheese tour this summer). So it was fate that I received this one (after Inger stole it from Lisa, I stole it from Inger).

Photo courtesy of Karis

Because Erica and I left early, we missed some of the best parts of the show (like Barbra Streisand singing) and the biggest awards of the night. Oh well, that’s why there’s DVR :)

Thanks again to Karis for hosting! I can’t wait for another MKE food blogger bash.

Question: Have you ever been to an Oscar party? What was your favorite part of the show? I actually hosted a small party last year, where we made homemade pizzas. I actually forgot about it until just now!

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