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If you haven’t been to Noodles & Company in awhile, you may not recognize the place. On Saturday, Brittney invited us to an exclusive VIP tasting. Her husband Ryan won it after putting his business card in the fish bowl (and yes, you can win with those things. I won 10 burritos once from Chipotle — lucky me!). They have TONS of new offerings on their menu, which we happily gobbled up and critiqued.

In college, Brenton and I went to Noodles All. The. Time. My favorite dish was their mushroom stroganoff, which they have now “upgraded” to steak stroganoff. I much prefer just the mushroons, and I’m so sad they changed it! Other than that, everything was delicious.

We started off the night with an array of appetizers, such as edamame, Chinese chop salad, the med salad and cheesy garlic bread (which our table gushed over). The first pasta course was even better.

That plate of goodness on the bottom is one of their new menu items, pulled pork mac and cheese. It sounds so wrong, but it was a definitely one of the top favorites of the night. We also tried the penne rosa with shrimp (middle – Brenton’s favorite). The plate on top is the steak stroganoff.

Ryan kept saying how great the pad thai was, so we requested that as part of “Pasta Round 2.”

I’ve made Asian noodles with peanut sauce before but I’ve never had pad thai (what kind of a food blogger am I!?). I felt like such a rookie asking Ryan what type of noodles they were. “Pad thai noodles,” he said. Um, Duh! I liked the Japanese pan noodles even more (bottom) with Parmesan-crusted chicken. I will definitely be ordering that the next time I visit Noodles.

Brenton and I kept saying how cool the whole event was (even two days later). Noodles & Company is definitely one of my favorite fast food restaurants, and I’m so glad we got to try some of their new (and old) favorites.

Stay tuned for another Noodles post in the next week (and a giveaway!).

Question: If you could have a VIP tasting at any restaurant, which would you choose? Brittney mentioned Panera, which I wholeheartedly agree with….that or Pastiche :)

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