Tristan’s Newspaper Debut + My New Craft Project

Today may be just any old Monday, but this one is extra special. It’s the fourth day of my running streak (running 4-5 miles a day). Even while training for the Fox Cities Half Marathon, I never ran more than two days in a row. I would always break my runs up with cross-training or weight lifting. I’ve never thought much about running streaks before, but I want to make it a whole week (only 3 more days to go!).

Yesterday something really exciting happened. My nephew Tristan made his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel debut! My Gatherings column was all about throwing a child’s first birthday party. I made Tristan a Cookie Monster cake which he gobbled up with a vengeance. Since this was a mock party for the paper, he’s getting two more birthday parties (one thrown by mom and the other by grandma). What a lucky kid! You can read the article here.

As most of you know, Brenton and I love to get crafty. This fall we made a crate coffee table via Pinterest.

Here’s our new project:

Yes, I’m actually going to try my hand at reupholstering this older-than-the-hills chair. I had to convince my mom to part with it, but she finally agreed. An no, we never sat on this chair. It had a throw on it, so none of us knew it was in this bad of condition. On a positive note, I can’t possibly make it look any worse! See, even Oliver didn’t want to go near it:

Don’t forget! You have until Wednesday to enter my ultimate Edgeware Grater and Zester giveaway!

Question: What’s your longest running streak? Have you ever refinished/reupholstered anything?

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