Growing Your Recipe Collection

When I first started cooking, I didn’t turn to fancy cookbooks or celebrity chefs. I wanted food that tasted good, so I relied heavily on user-generated recipes. I know this may seem like a marketing term, but it basically means getting recipe inspiration from home cooks. Two of my favorite sites are and Taste of Home. I love the fact that you can rate recipes, leave comments and share what works for you.

Well my food loving friends, the culinary experts at KitchenAid have jumped on the bandwagon with their own community recipe tab on Facebook.

Not only can you access hundreds of KitchenAid-owned recipes, but you can add your own family favorites as well, in addition to liking, commenting and sharing. Playing around with the tab, I already plan on adding these recipes, which were made possible using some of my favorite KitchenAid applainces (My stand mixer is like my second child. My pup Oliver is my first!)

Cranberry Swirl Bread

Ginger and Pear Butternut Squash Soup

Since I love my stand mixer so much, Brenton actually surprised me with their Pasta Roller Set for my birthday on Saturday. Last winter we made homemade pasta for a DIY article I wrote for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  This pasta was the BEST I have ever had in my life (and better than anything I’ve tried in a restaurant). You can’t beat the freshness of homemade. Next on my list in ravioli.

Do you have a recipe that others should know about? Check out KitchenAid’s Facebook tab and share it!

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