Tuesday Confessions

Good Morning! Since things have been a bit random in nature lately, I thought that should dictate my latest post. Here goes everything…

1. I can’t wait to head out to The Ruby Tap and Firefly in Wauwatosa tonight with my lady food blogger friends. From Oscar parties to brunch, many a laughs are sure to be had…not to mention good food and wine :)

2. So last night I had a massage. In the 5-7 or so that I’ve had, no one’s ever talked to me (maybe conversation loses its luster when you’re staring at someone’s bare back?). Anyway, I had the chattiest massage therapist last night. But she was a hoot. Giving people the rub down is her second job. Her 9-5 is being a parole officer for the criminals of Milwaukee. Besides indulging me in fun stores, she was also awesome at giving book recommendations, which I will be passing onto Laurie and Brittney for our book club.

The first one was Kris Radish’s “Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral” about the friendships and connections attached to one woman who dies (that’s the short version). But it really sounds good on Goodreads!


Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral

The second was a book I heard about on the “Sunday Morning Show.” I’m not a fan of Dean Koontz (I’ve actually never read any of his books), but she said the memoir about his dog is fabulous. It’s called “A Little Big Life: The Memoir of a Joyful Dog.” My massage therapist said she laughed and cried while listening to the audiobook. And a book that tugs at my emotions on my 45-minute commute to work sounds like a winner to me!

3. I have until tonight at midnight to get the best deal on registering for the Fox Cities Half Marathon. It’s $50 until April 30 before jumping to $65. After looking at the pictures from last year’s recap, I really want to run this one. But I also want to run some additional races with friends. Nothing like cutting in down to the wire! I don’t know why I’m so torn. I just need to sign up and do it. At least I’ll look happy when I’m done!


Question: What do you procrastinate on?

(And yes, I’m aware I’m ending a sentence when a preposition, which my old creative director absolutely hated. But I firmly believe in making up your own rules in writing and in life.)

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