Beer Cheese Bacon Dip

Confession time: Since I went out for sushi with Brittney and Laurie last week for book club, I’ve been craving sushi like mad. We went to Thai-namite in downtown Milwaukee and I got shrimp tempura and sweet potato rolls. It got me thinking how terrible grocery store sushi is. I’ve had good luck at Trader Joe’s, but other than that I don’t bother.

I am heading to Glorioso’s market on Saturday for a canning class (given I’ve already canned apple pie filling, garlic dill pickles and cranberry apple butter, but there’s always more to learn). Thai-namite is right across the street, so I think I may have to make a pit stop.

Speaking of great food, Brenton has this obsession with all things beer and especially beer dip. We made the best beer cheese dip with bacon tonight. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but we did use 1/3 less fat cream cheese :) Plus, I firmly believe in portion control. All things in moderation — no matter what it is.

Of course the starring role in this dip was the bacon. Remember when I reviewed Pig of the Month BBQ? Turns out we still had a pound of chipotle bacon in our freezer. Although I don’t care for bacon by itself, I love adding it to salads, burgers, dips, etc. I could even see spreading this dip onto a panini instead of mayo.





Question: What do you do with leftover bacon? My dad loves making a breakfast dish with fried potatoes, bacon, mushrooms and onions. Try as I may, I cannot make it as good as he does.

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