Salad Recipe Roundup

Hello, friends! I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having. Oliver and I have been walking and running up a storm. Yesterday he looked as happy as a clam. When a woman walking past us said “hello” to me and “hi, sweetie” to Oliver, he didn’t even bark at her. For most people in this situation, they wouldn’t think twice. But Oliver is very loyal to my family and friends that he sees often and doesn’t do well meeting new people (especially when they come to our house). So for him not to get a little mouthy with a stanger is quite a feat for him. My little guy is growing up :)

Since it’s been so hot out lately, I figured it would be the perfect time for a salad roundup. I definitely gravitate toward lighter and cold foods when it’s sweltering outside, like salads, sandwiches and sushi (which I will be enjoying tomorrow night with Laurie and Brittney at Milwaukee’s Thai-namite, where we’ll discuss our latest book club selection, “When in Doubt, Add Butter” by Beth Harbison). Living and working in the surbs, I love getting back downtown. Hopefully the girls will be into getting some fry-yo after – yet another thing we don’t have by our place.

But what we do have is a great, spacious kitchen where I’ve created these delicious summertime salads.

Farmers Market Veggie and Orzo Salad

Superfood Salad

Chicken Detox Salad

Easy-Peasy Pasta Salad

Chickpea and Quinoa Mango Salad

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Question: What do you like to make when it’s hot outside? Or is it takeout all the way? I do love some good Chinese, so I’ve been known to use the weather as an excuse to order it :)

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