Homemade Cashew Butter

Today has been a great day (minus the hour it took to get home). There must have been an accident on the interstate because that is a new record by 10 minutes. What kept me going during the long ride home was the excitement of my first intermediate yoga class. I signed up as part of our town’s rec department, and we do yoga in a middle school cafeteria. The teacher is awesome. She’s in her early 60s I’m guessing and she’s so peppy and happy. I kept thinking she’d make an awesome neighbor. She’d be one of those people who would always watch your house when you leave town and bring you jam in the summer.

That’s one thing that’s different in an apartment. We are surrounded by people and I have no idea who any of our neighbors are (expect the hoarders across the hallway). When we lived in a duplex, we loved our neighbors and managed to see them more often even though they were farther away.

Anyway, the yoga class lasts for 12 weeks and I can already tell I’m going to love it. Between car rides and sitting at my desk nearly all day, my body craves the stretches and inversions of yoga. And without fail, I always feel great after every class.

Pre-yoga, I snacked on kitty cookie crackers from Trader Joe’s with Oliver and my new favorite spread – cashew butter. Before I wrote this article for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on nut butters, I thought I hated cashews. Well my taste buds must have changed because I couldn’t get enough cashew butter and lemon curd sandwiches. Epic, I tell you!

I remember buying cashew butter for a muffin recipe and it was pretty expensive, $7-something a jar. If you can get cashews on sale or buy them in bulk, it’s much cheaper to make the sticky stuff yourself.

To make my version, you only need cashews, walnut oil and salt. If you don’t have walnut oil, use canola because it’s mild in flavor.


In addition to cashew butter, I’ve also made homemade peanut butter, which turned out fantastic. It’s like the best natural peanut butter you can find but butter because it tastes fresher. Next on my list: homemade cookie butter. Oh yeah.

Question: What’s your favorite nut butter? Have you ever tried making it yourself?

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