What I listen to When I’m on the Run

As someone who listens to music on the run, in the car, at work and nearly everywhere else, I get so sick of the same tunes. Although I resisted at first, I’ve been getting really into Spotify lately (I thought Pandora was the best thing ever). Since joining a month ago, I’ve discovered some great new artists and CDs that are perfect for working out.

Warning: Do not judge me for this list! The variety of what I listen to can make me look insane. I can easily switch from country to rap to broadway musicals (like 9 to 5-my fav!).


1. Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die”

They say she’s like a self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra. It couldn’t be more true. Her voice is so soulful but her lyrics are a little disturbing (with an album name like “Born to Die,” it really isn’t a surprise!). But I’m loving this music lately, especially songs like “Radio,” “Dark Paradise” and “Blue Jeans.” Plus, she’s a total fashion maven. #girlcrush.

2. The Black Keys’ “Brothers”


I am obsessed with this album. It is the best running music that you can just zone out to. Brenton has had the CD on our iTunes for years, but I didn’t start listening to it until recently. One of my favorite songs is “Everlasting Light.” Oliver likes that one too :)

3. The Nashville Soundtrack 1 and 2

And the judgment begins :) I love this TV show, so it’s no surprise that I think the soundtrack is amazing. The whole cast is filled with great actors and they actually sing their own parts. Some of these songs, like Hayden Panettiere’s “Telescope,” are good enough to be on country radio. I can’t wait for Season 3 of the show this fall. And more music, of course.

Question: What are some of your favorite artists to listen to while you’re running/working out?

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