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2 year Blogiversary! + William Bounds Giveaway

Two years went by in the blink of an eye. I can remember writing my first post on December 12, 2010 with the goal to ” just to write about food.” (By the way, you can still check out that god awful first post. It may look like the photography of a blind man, but those Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies are fabulous.) But as this blog has grown, it’s really developed into much more than that.

For me, blogging is like a community. I love catching up on your lives, and I feel like I’m missing something when I’ve been away for too long. Whether it’s a new puppy, engagement, job change or new recipe, I’ve somehow managed to grow attached to people I’ve never met in person. I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of you lovely people in the flesh (like Brittney, Laurie, Karis, Erica, Lisa, Inger, Molly and Sun – which I don’t really count because I’ve known her well before she ever started blogging).

My readers give my blog meaning. Every time you comment, show support or  just show up, I’m grateful — Oliver is too. If he only knew how cute y’all think he is, his head would be the size of a hot air balloon.

To make this anniversary even more fun, here are some of my favorite moments from this past year.

There have been races…


In route toward my new PR at the Fox Cities Half Marathon.

There have been calorie bombs…


Milwaukee Food Tour’s pizza tour.

There have been disappointments…


My first (and last) experience with Foodie Pen Pals.

There have been miracles…


Baby Tristan.

And most of all, there have been good times…

Getting my beer on at Brew Fest.

William Bounds Giveaway!

To thank all of you for your faithful readership, I’m hosting the biggest giveaway on this blog to date. You already know William Bounds is one fantastic company if you have any interest in food (and chances are if you’re reading this post, you already do).

I’ve already sang their praises on their Sili Tea Ball. But what William Bounds is really known for is their salt and pepper mills. In a kitchen with crapped-out cookie sheets, a stained coffee maker and mismatched dinnerware, these salt and pepper mills are two of the most beautiful things I own. I think I literally sighed when I took them out of the box a few weeks ago.

These are definitely not your parent’s mills. They are very substantial in weight and you’ll notice the quality of the materials at first touch. I also love how modern this design is and that the sea salt and peppercorns can really shine (literally, that salt is practically gleaming).

To celebrate my 2-year blogiversary, William Bounds has offered to send one lucky She’s on the Run reader the exact same set of Clear with Brushed Monarch Salt and Pepper Mills! Each are 10 1/2 inches high and feature s a 3-step adjustment ring to choose between fine, medium and coarse grinds.

To Enter (MANDATORY): You must like William Bounds on Facebook AND leave me a comment saying what you would do with these mills. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. For EXTRA ENTRIES, you may:

2. Tweet about the giveaway: Alysha @Shesontherun is celebrating her blogiversary with a salt and pepper mill giveaway!

3. Follow me on Twitter @Shesontherun

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The giveaway will be open from today until Christmas, December 25, 2012! Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: William Bounds has given me this product to review. I was not given the product in exchange for a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Milwaukee Food Tour: Pizza Bus Tour

Last week I hinted that Brenton and I were going to go on the Milwaukee Pizza Bus Tour. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Milwaukee Food Tours combines the history of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods with culinary exploration. It’s the perfect activity for an out-of-towner or someone who has lived here their entire life.

I’ve taken their Wauwatosa Food Tour and their Bloody Mary Bunch Tour and loved both experiences. Although I’ve lived in Milwaukee for 6 years, there are so many restaurants I still want to venture to. Milwaukee Food Tours is a perfect way to sample a variety of foods fairly inexpensively without taking a bunch of time. We hit up 5 different places on the Pizza Tour (only one of which I had been to before).

Brenton took all the photos in this post. He has taken professional food photography shots for local businesses and many of the articles I write for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Even though I was stuffed to the brim on Friday night when we took the tour, looking at these shots gets me hungry all over again!

First Stop: Caradaro Club

Caradaro Club on Vliet Street in Milwaukee has been making pizza since 1945. We sampled the Caradaro Classic Pizza, which had sausage mushrooms and onions on a cracker-thin crust. This was mine and Brenton’s favorite. Although I typically like a thick, Chicago-style crust, the freshness of the toppings and the overall flavor was dynamite.

Our tour guide, Steve

Second Stop: Classic Slice

However, my perfect pizza would have been Caradaro Club’s toppings on Classic Slice’s crust. On the East Side of Milwaukee, Classic Slice serves New York-style pizza that is more on the indulgent side.

For our group of 18, Classic Slice made us a 30-inch pizza. It was gooey, greasy and just a little spicy — which is a good thing when you’re talking about pizza. I told Brenton that this would be the pizza I’d choose in college after being out all night at the bars. It makes sense that they’re on the East Side because that’s where all the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee students are. Unfortunately, Classic Slice wasn’t here when I was an undergrad at UWM, so we stuck to Pizza Shuttle.

Third Stop: Dicks Pizza & Pleasure

I work just blocks away from Dicks Pizza & Pleasure in Downtown Milwaukee, but I had no idea they were even here. Big mistake!

Dicks is like a pizza bar meets anime nightclub. Inside you don’t feel like you’re in Milwaukee because it’s so hip. I felt like we could have been in Chicago or LA by the modern, funky atmosphere inside.

At Dicks, they served us a chocolate milkshake with their Black and White Pizza. Their pizzas are the only ones in the city that are baked in a coal-fire oven. That means it’s cooked at 700-800 degrees, which takes about 2-3 minutes to cook an entire pizza.

Their Black and White Pizza is made with white sauce, imported Italian fontina, Grande mozzarella, Parmesan, burrata and black truffle. It is unlike any pizza you’ve ever had, and it was delicious.

Forth Stop: Pizzeria Piccola

We first visited Pizzeria Piccola on the Wauwatosa Food Tour. Although their pizza is good, it was probably by least favorite of the bunch. We tried their Margarita and Sausage pizzas. I typically like my pizza with more toppings and just all-around heftier. I feel like their pizzas are much lighter, which was a good way to end the pizza portion of the food tour. It’s all about experiencing different kids of pizzas and everyone has their preference.

Fifth (and final) Stop: Cold Spoons Gelato

Everyone was pretty stuffed when we walked in Cold Spoons Gelato. But isn’t it funny how when you taste something sweet you automatically have room in your stomach?

This was the first time I really tried gelato (not just a spoonful), and I am officially hooked. Steve, our tour guide, explained that gelato has less milk fat and sugar than ice cream (it’s made with whole milk instead of cream). Because it’s served at a lower temperature than ice cream, our taste buds don’t freeze and, therefore, it tastes more flavorful.

I mixed panna cotta with Snickers bar and Brenton mixed caramel sea salt with white chocolate raspberry. The panna cotta was just sweet enough and completely smooth and irresistible. I would definitely head back there just for that flavor.

Three hours later, we were tired, full and ready for bed. A great way to spend a Friday night if you ask me!

Disclaimer: I was given these tickets by Milwaukee Food Tours. I was not given them in exchange for a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Wauwatosa Food Tour

For those of you not from Wisconsin, I’m sure you’re reading the title and going, “wa wa, what!?”

Wauwatosa is a western suburb of Milwaukee. Its name means “firefly.” That was one the facts I learned last weekend on our Milwaukee Food Tour.

Last year we went on a Bloody Mary Brunch Tour for Brenton’s birthday. Ironically, his birthday is today. Another ironic fact is that I won the tickets through Married in Milwaukee. And if you know me, you know I’m obviously not married!

The tour started at the Wauwatosa Farmers Market.

We checked out Bolzano Meats first.

Then came Purple Door Ice Cream. Holy mother of diary. I am obsessed with this stuff. It’s made locally in Milwaukee and would put any pint of Ben & Jerry’s to shame.

We tried chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry wine. I have got to pick up a pint (or heck, a gallon) of the strawberry ice cream. It was so fresh, flavorful and creamy.

Next, we visited Cafe Hollander. This place is always busy, and it’s easy to see why. When we lived on Milwaukee’s East Side, we would visit there frequently, and their food was always amazing (especially the portobello mushroom burger).

Striking a post with my Valentine’s Coffee.

The first tasting was meatballs with a curry ketchup. I think Brenton was in heaven.

Their benelux salad was amazing. I could eat this salad every day for lunch.

Next, we visited Oro di Oliva to taste premium vinegars and olive oils. I’ve seen places like this before but never actually stepped into one. Although their products are more expensive than oils and vinegars in the grocery store, this is one case where you really get what you pay for. Everything I tasted (from the mushroom and sage olive oil to the raspberry basalmic vinegar) was intensely flavored, clean tasting and the best quality I have ever had. If you need a gift for someone who loves to cook, I highly recommend buying from a store like Oro di Oliva.

Afterwards we ate pizza and drank wine at Pizzeria Piccola. We tried the four seasons and the margarita pizzas. I loved the four seasons because it had olives, mushrooms and artichokes. Bring on the veggies!

The One Way Cafe satisfied my sweet tooth. Their lemon bars was so citrusy. And that crust…to. die. for. For the chocoholics, there was a brownie alongside that was rich, dense and fudgy (is there any other kind?!). The lemon bar was my favorite though. I’d drive the 20 minutes to Wauwatosa just for that.

The tour ended at Niemann’s Candies where we sampled their caramels. I’d hate to admit, but they blow our homemade caramels out of the water. Maybe I can trade my firstborn child for the recipe.

All in all, we had a great time on the tour. Milwaukee Food Tours offers a variety of tours throughout the Milwaukee area. I’d love to take my mom to the Cedarburg tour. We love shopping and having girls’ days in that town, and what better way to explore it more than through food?


Don’t forget to enter my West Bend Giveaway! One lucky She’s on the Run reader will win a 5-piece home canning kit. To enter, check out the post here. You have until Saturday morning!

First Repeat Run!

Happy Friday! I’m so excited for the weekend to finally be here. Tomorrow, Brenton and I are going on a Milwaukee Food Tour through the Wauwatosa village. If you remember, last year we went on their Bloody Mary Brunch Tour through Milwaukee’s Third Ward. We obviously had a good time!


This morning I got in a good workout for my half marathon training. On the training schedule, it said 6×400 m @5k pace. According to Sun, my 5k pace is 8:17 (since I was on a treadmill, I ran at 8:13 or 7.3 mph). I ran the 200 m intervals (.15 miles on the treadmill to make it easier) at a 10:30 pace or 5.7 mph. I planned to run this outside yesterday at a nearby high school track, but I ended up working late and there was a storm coming. I actually liked doing this workout on the treadmill though because I was able to get a better feel of what each pace was and easily adjust it.

Training aside, this is a great treadmill workout that I’ll be using during the off-season too. It made time go by super fast.

I also have a fun story for y’all. A few weeks ago on my lunchtime walk, I spotted this little fellow.

I’ve never seen a deer on the Oak Leaf Trail before (it’s right next to Lake Michigan). Soon the little guy was on the move.

This little guy was headed straight for Lincoln Memorial Drive! Thankfully his mom came out and brought him back into the trees (which I don’t even know where they were going because we were in downtown Milwaukee. There are pockets of woods, but it’s still a city).

Question: Have you ever seen a wild animal in an unexpected place?  When we lived in Shorewood (a suburb north of Milwaukee), we saw two deer in the middle of a construction zone. Weird but kinda cool!

Of Possible Interest:

How to Become one of Those People Who Loves to Run (

Milwaukee’s Bloody Mary Brunch Tour

B loves Bloody Mary’s. So what better birthday present than two tickets to explore the city’s best drinks? Milwaukee Food Tours is known for exploring the best local restaurants have to offer, and the Bloody Mary Tour is one of their newest. But don’t let the name fool you, there is still plenty of food on this extravaganza.

Our First Stop: The Wicked Hop

Dubbed with the best Bloody Mary’s in Milwaukee, The Wicked Hop started our tour out with a bang. We headed out at 10:30 am and if anyone in our group didn’t get a chance to wake up, one sip of this spicy drink would perk them right up. Not only was the mix refreshing, the toppings were amazing (cheese twists, a beef stick, a marinated mushroom, an olive and a piece of shrimp adorned every glass).

They also served us yogurt parfaits family-style (with AMAZING granola, by the way).

Second Stop: Palms Bistro Bar

After a quick history lesson, we headed toward Broadway to Palms Bistro Bar. I’ve never been here before, but I’ve heard a lot about this place as a must-stop destination for lunch. Their Bloody Mary’s were smooth and simple, perfect for those who don’t like a lot of fluff.

The food, on the other hand, would have knocked my socks off (except I wasn’t wearing any because it was about 90 degrees today :) ) They served us huevos rancheros family-style. The Palms describes their dish like this: two eggs any style (in this case, scrambled), pepperjack quesadilla, chorizo and black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole garnished with lime crema. I describe this dish as delicious, delicious, delicious. (And I will be back.)

Third Stop: The Irish Pub

At the Irish Pub, you can turn anything into a Bloody. If you want Jameson instead of vodka, you have yourself a Bloody Molly (which is what I had). This was almost sweet in flavor, something like cinnamon. I’m not a big fan of whiskey, but I couldn’t really tell that was in there. Although this was fun to try, it was probably my least favorite drink of the day, but it was our tour guide’s favorite so you can decide.

For a snack, they served us homemade pub fries with garlic aioli. (I could have eaten that dip with a spoon.)

Fourth Stop: Rustico Pizzeria

The last bloody place on the tour was Rustico on Water St. For a restaurant who specializes in pizza, sandwiches and salads, their Bloody’s were actually very good. They were spicy and strong with a kalamata olive, artichoke, pepperoni and mozzarella garnish. This complemented the food perfectly (vegetarian and ham breakfast pizzas). The ham one was my favorite (minus the runny egg…not my thing).

Someone else in our group was celebrating a birthday and shared tiramisu with the whole table (not shown). Perfect for coffee lovers because this was strong.

Last Stop: Kehr’s Candies at the Milwaukee Public Market

These guys have been around since 1930, and boy, do they know what they are doing. We each tasted their dark chocolate mint meltaways (not shown). Heavenly.

As we waddled to the car (practically), B and I talked about what a great time we both had. We had a great group with just enough pizazz to keep things interesting (like two grandmas almost getting lost and a joke about the Australians eating koala, which is by the way not true!) Although I’ve lived in Milwaukee for five years, I learned a bunch about the history of our great city and got some good exercise along the way.

Milwaukee Food Tours also has Brady Street, River Walk/Old World Third Street, Wauwatosa and Cedarburg Tours. I heard they visit Mader’s on the River Walk tour, so I would love to go back. For tourists and locals, these tours offer an insiders look at the food and history of the area and you’re bound to have a great time along the way.

Question: I LOVED The Wicked Hop’s Bloody Mary. What’s your favorite Bloody Mary in Milwaukee?


Welcome to She's on the Run! I'm Alysha, a copywriter and food writer living in Milwaukee. I live to run, write and explore wonderful food - this blog is how I find balance while constantly being on the run. Feel free to reach me at with any questions or comments.
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