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Thursday Things + Le Creuset Giveaway Winner!

1. Happy Pi Day! I unfortunately won’t be having any pie today. I caught the nastiest bug and my taste buds have gone into hiding. During times like these, only a few foods will do. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup is the only thing that brings be back to health (that and JELL-O and orange juice). Please tell me I’m not the only one who morphs into a 5-year-old when I catch a cold.

2. But if I were eating pie, I would definitely make this Chocolate Cherry Pie (via Taste of Home). You can make a full-size pie or these cute mini pies.

3. Guess who had their second 1st birthday party? Tristan! This one was for his “friends.”

Baby T fell down right before the party, which is why he has that pink line on his forehead. Other than a minor injury, that kid had a great time.

4. Thanks to everyone who entered the Le Creuset French Oven Giveaway! And the winner is:

Congrats, Shannon! Please send your address to me at by Saturday, March 16 and I’ll make sure your new French Oven is on its way! If I don’t hear from you before then, a new winner will be chosen.


Question: When you have a cold, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Tristan’s Newspaper Debut + My New Craft Project

Today may be just any old Monday, but this one is extra special. It’s the fourth day of my running streak (running 4-5 miles a day). Even while training for the Fox Cities Half Marathon, I never ran more than two days in a row. I would always break my runs up with cross-training or weight lifting. I’ve never thought much about running streaks before, but I want to make it a whole week (only 3 more days to go!).

Yesterday something really exciting happened. My nephew Tristan made his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel debut! My Gatherings column was all about throwing a child’s first birthday party. I made Tristan a Cookie Monster cake which he gobbled up with a vengeance. Since this was a mock party for the paper, he’s getting two more birthday parties (one thrown by mom and the other by grandma). What a lucky kid! You can read the article here.

As most of you know, Brenton and I love to get crafty. This fall we made a crate coffee table via Pinterest.

Here’s our new project:

Yes, I’m actually going to try my hand at reupholstering this older-than-the-hills chair. I had to convince my mom to part with it, but she finally agreed. An no, we never sat on this chair. It had a throw on it, so none of us knew it was in this bad of condition. On a positive note, I can’t possibly make it look any worse! See, even Oliver didn’t want to go near it:

Don’t forget! You have until Wednesday to enter my ultimate Edgeware Grater and Zester giveaway!

Question: What’s your longest running streak? Have you ever refinished/reupholstered anything?

Milwaukee Blogger Oscar Party

Holy Bachelor! Was anyone else shocked when Ashlee got the boot last night? As a fan of Desiree and Ashlee, I really hoped Sean would pick one of them. Brenton’s vote is on Catherine (and mine too if I have to choose).

From TV to film, several Milwaukee food bloggers celebrated the Oscars in style at Karis’ house on Sunday night.

None of us knew who was going to win, but we did know one thing: We’d all be indulging in some delicious eats. As ever the elegant hostess, Karis brought out all the stops, from pumpkin “Hollywood” cupcakes with cream cheese icing to movie popcorn and theater candy.

The rest of us each brought a dish to pass. Molly brought caprese skewers with mozzarella, cherry  tomatoes, basil and salami. Inger brought Life of Pi curry salad and vegetarian sliders. Erica brought mini crab cakes that I will be making as soon as she posts the recipe. I’ve never thought of making crab cakes in a mini muffin tin, but it was a great idea for a party. Since I had no time to make anything, I brought Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip with carrots and Life Should Taste Good chips.

Photo courtesy of Karis

Before the show started, we each filled out ballots to guess the winners. Halfway through the show, we played a dirty Santa game with prizes that Karis gave us. Since I was in second, I got the choice to either pick a new prize or steal one from someone else.

Photo courtesy of Karis

Lisa originally got a Wisconsin Foodie and movie prize pack (and yes, that’s a photo of Kyle Cherek and I from our cheese tour this summer). So it was fate that I received this one (after Inger stole it from Lisa, I stole it from Inger).

Photo courtesy of Karis

Because Erica and I left early, we missed some of the best parts of the show (like Barbra Streisand singing) and the biggest awards of the night. Oh well, that’s why there’s DVR :)

Thanks again to Karis for hosting! I can’t wait for another MKE food blogger bash.

Question: Have you ever been to an Oscar party? What was your favorite part of the show? I actually hosted a small party last year, where we made homemade pizzas. I actually forgot about it until just now!

Downton Abbey Tea Party + Giveaway Winner!

Confession: I’ve never seen Downton Abbey (ok, maybe 5 minutes worth). But when Karis invited me to a tea party, the chance to get together with some awesome Milwaukee food bloggers and gossip over tea and treats was too much to pass up. The concept of this party was simple: Just bring your favorite tea and give a bag to each guest. At the end of the swap, we all had a bunch of new teas to try. I contributed Rishi’s Chocolate Chai tea.

Last night’s tea party was the first time I met Abby from The Frosted Vegan. I love the fact that our Milwaukee food blogger crowd continues to expand. And of course, it was great to catch up with Molly, Karis, Inger and Lisa.

Hostess Karis gave each guest their own monogrammed coffee mug from Anthropologie. How cute and thoughtful!


Great way to end the weekend, if you ask me!

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered by Enstrom Toffee Giveaway. The winner is…

Congrats, Laurie!

Question: Have you ever been to a TV-themed party?

I remember Grey’s Anatomy parties were all the rage in college. But if anyone wants to start up a Bachelor watching party, you know where to find me :)

Creatives at Play + Primula Giveaway Winner!

First and foremost, I hope all my East Coast readers are safe for when Sandy comes (especially Brigitt). My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

You know how weekends seem to fly by and you don’t know where the time went? Well this weekend wasn’t like that — probably because I had faux 3-day weekend. I mentioned on Thursday that our creative outing was on Friday. Here’s a pic of the cake balls I made (obviously when I dip anything in chocolate I make a huge mess!).

The day started out in a park on Milwaukee’s South Side. We had a pig roast (I did take a picture but I don’t want to risk losing readers, so I’m not showing it). It was borderline freezing, so I dug out all our winter gear to be prepared.

Because my work also has a Madison office, I got to meet some of my coworkers for the first time. Everyone was super friendly, but I was perplexed by one thing. I met a male coworker who happened to be vegan. Although I eat meat, I completely respect everyone’s diets, no matter what they are. Later that morning after asking him about his journey to veganism, I saw him light up a cigarette. This was something that completely shocked me.

I just assumed that if you were vegan, than you’d be healthy in all aspects of your life. What do you think? Does the good outweigh the bad?

After the park, we headed to Koz’s for mini bowling. I used to be on a bowling league in 7th grade, and I think my highest score was a 156. I obviously rock at mini bowling because my first game I bowled a 197.

Koz’s also has a bar, which is where the lion watches over patrons. My coworker asked the bartender how it got there and she said her husband shot the lion in the 1970s near a farm. Apparently he thought it was a mountain lion. When he found out it was a lion lion, he hid the dead animal in his closet for 30 years. You can still see the bullet hole in its left shoulder.

Me with my coworker/teammate

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks, everyone for your Primula Teapot entries. I loved reading about your favorite gifts. I picked a winner on and the winner is:


Stay tuned for another giveaway coming this week!

Thursday Things

It may be almost November, but tank top weather is still here in Wisconsin (at least until tonight). Even my wedge sandals have made an appearance (despite my naked toes peeking out sans a toenail or two – thank you half marathon training). Here’s what has been going on lately:

1. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a Primula Half Moon Teapot gift set! You have until Monday, Oct. 29 to enter (make sure to head on over to the original post). By the way, I’ve loved hearing about all your favorite gifts. Keep those stories coming!

2. My Pampered Chef party is being extended.

You now have until Sunday to order in case you forgot. For info on how to order, see this post.

3. I can’t wait for tonight. I DVR’d Nashville, which I finally get to watch. Has anyone else been sucked in? I knew I would love it when I saw the commercials months ago. Also, Brenton is making Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese for dinner.

Even better? I don’t have to do a thing. Because I will be making…

4. Halloween Cake Balls!

Tonight, making cake balls for our creative department outing tomorrow (a pig roast, mini-bowling and a good amount of drinking—this is advertising after all). Remember these Homemade Funfetti Cake Balls I made for Hillary’s birthday? Well I am going easy this time. Yellow cake mix, Pillsbury Halloween frosting, chocolate Almond Bark…and these cute little sprinkles for a finishing touch.

 Question: What’s the funnest work outing you’ve ever been on? What did you do?

Quark, Cocktails and Crate Projects

Happy Monday! This weekend was packed with more activities than the entire rest of last week. Lots of friends and family time, DIY projects, cooking and getting my baby fix.

On Friday we headed over to Brittney and Ryan’s for an appetizer/dessert party. I probably ate my weight in jalapeno cheese dip and mini meatballs (which I am waiting patiently for the recipes!). If Brittney posts them I will definitely mention the links. I have never made meatballs before (shocking, I know), but I could totally see myself making those for a meatball sub sandwich or part of a pasta dish.

In addition to fabulous food, we also shared some fabulous drinks. My favorite of which featured Rum Chata, made right here in Wisconsin. For those of you who’ve never heard of this liqueur, it’s like drinking the milk from Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I first tried this as a shot at a wedding this summer, but I thought it was so good that I wanted a whole drink out of it.

I started playing barista in their kitchen and created this beauty.

Photo courtesy of Brittney


Needless to say, it was a longer night than what I am used to. I may or may not have fallen asleep on their couch in a dip coma or snapped at Brenton for shaking my leg. Opps.

Despite Friday’s events, I woke up early on Saturday refreshed and ready to tackle a bunch of to-dos. I made a cheesecake, did some crafting, went to the farm stand for squash and the apple orchard before going on a 6-mile run. All was well besides the runner’s knee that decided to come back, which means more PT exercises. Will I ever be rid of those?

After all that craziness, we headed to my parent’s house to sand and stain some crates to make our Pinterest Coffee Table (I first blogged about doing this DIY project here). We still have a lot to do, but we are making progress!

I also got a chance to hang out with this little blonde boy.

Tristan can officially crawl, and it is the cutest thing ever. He loves puppies, namely Oliver. I try to introduce them as much as possible because Oliver is skittish around kids. He didn’t seem too concerned that Tristan is now mobile, which is a good thing.

On Sunday, an article I wrote on quark was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (Quark is a German cheese that tastes like a cross between cream cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese. The only Wisconsin producer is Clock Shadow Creamery, a local urban cheese factory in Milwaukee.).

And according to Karis, it may be responsible for creating a shortage at Woodman’s.

Now that’s what I call an article success!

Question: Has anyone ever tried quark?

What was the best think you did this weekend?

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