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Baby Photography Shenanigans

Happy Marvelous Monday! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. Here are some things that are making my Monday marvelous.

Marvelous Fall Weather:

This summer in Wisconsin has been stiflingly hot and sticky, which makes fall all the more welcome. I can’t get enough of the changing leaves and temps in the mid to high 60s.

A Marvelous Weekend:

Mondays are so much more enjoyable when I’ve really been able to let lose on the weekend. Yesterday we drove to my parent’s house to grill out for dinner and just hang out. Brenton also did a photoshoot of my nephew in the backyard, which turned out awesome.

Tristan playing in my dad’s hops (he grows his own to use in homemade beer).

Oliver obviously didn’t want to be left out of the fun. Right after this photo was taken, Oliver snuck into the road to greet a wiener dog that was being walked by his family. What a little ham. 

My sister, Tristan and I.

We also did some goofy pics. Tristan is still a little too small for a piggy back ride.

Marvelous Fall Produce:

I love heading to the farmers market this time of year. Between the sweet potatoes, butternut squash and tomatoes, I’m getting a ton of inspiration for new recipes. These are the grape tomatoes I picked at my parent’s house. I could pop these like candy. YUM!

“Marvelous” Weird Bugs:

Check out this little critter that was hanging out near the tomatoes. I’ve never seen a Praying Mantis before. My mother was pretty horrified!

Marvelous Dinners:

I love leftovers. Since I’m taking a yoga class after work and getting home pretty late (7:15), cooking is the last thing I want to do. Good think Brittney’s Sweet Potato Chili will be waiting in the fridge. I followed her recipe pretty closely, except I used less spices and cooked it on high in the slow cooker for about 4 1/2 hours.

Source: Brittney Breathing

Question: What is marvelous about your Monday?

Also, what’s the best thing you’ve ever made in a slow cooker? Feel free to link up!

Japanese Eggplant Parmesan with Slow Cooker Pasta Sauce

This week has been flying by. Tomorrow Brenton and I get to go on a Milwaukee Food Tour – The Pizza Bus Tour! I have to admit, my Milwaukee pizza knowledge doesn’t extend much beyond Ian’s, Topper’s, Crisp and Transfer. I’ve taken the Wauwatosa Tour and the Bloody Mary Brunch Tour before and they both were fabulous. I can’t wait to see where we head tomorrow. The only question is what to wear. I was thinking about wearing a new blouse from BCBG, but knowing me, I will most definitely get pizza sauce on it…and probably some wine!

On Wednesday, and article I’ve been working on for a few weeks was finally published. As a nut butter lover, I wanted to devote a whole cover story to the stuff, including flavored peanut butters, health butters and more. My favorite part though was the recipe testing. I made a Thai Noodle Dish with Spicy Peanut Sauce that was too good for words. I also interviewed Julie from PB Fingers on her favorite ways to use the stuff (and she even gave me her Almond Butter Granola recipe to share with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel readers). You can check out the digital version plus the recipes I included on

Tonight Brenton did an impromptu mini photo shoot of Oliver and I in our living room.

For some reason, I think Oliver is wayyy cuter in person. The photos don’t do him justice!

On the culinary side of life, we’ve been eating pretty darn good lately. In a household of two, anything we make tends to last us a few meals. We made this Japanese eggplant parmesan with homemade tomato sauce a few days ago, and we ate it for three nights in a row. When it comes to eating a dish this good, I did not mind at all.

Brigitt (whose blog I completely LOVE, btw), created this slow-cooker pasta sauce, which I used as the base of my Japanese eggplant parmesan. It is my go-to recipe, and I’ve made it a handful of times (which is a lot for me!). Instead of frying the eggplant, you bake it in the oven. Per Brigitt’s suggestion, I used the tomatoes I froze last year. I thawed them slightly, which worked out perfectly (I just broke up the tomatoes further after an hour and then we took an immersion blender to the sauce when it finished cooking). Of course, you can substitute regular eggplant. I happen to love Japanese eggplant — it’s probably the fun, bright purple color.


Question: What dishes do you tend to make over and over? Do you think your pet looks cuter in person? I feel like I’m completely alone on this one, so I’d love to know if you guys feel the same way!

Happy Anniversary, She’s on the Run!

Although it seems like just yesterday that She’s on the Run came to be, one whole year has gone by (I can’t even believe it).

But when I look at my first post, it reminds me how much has changed.

I’ve moved, switched jobs and have been through more life experiences than I’d care to admit (such as being hit by a tough economy firsthand). I’ve also had my share of good times and discovered a new passion. Take this blog for example. It combines my two great loves: cooking and writing. And it’s great to look back at all my culinary accomplishments this past year (and laugh at the ones that haven’t gone so well).

To celebrate, I’m compiling my favorite recipes.

Cookie Dough Truffles
For those of you who make chocolate chip cookies just to sneak bits of the dough, these tiny treats are for you.

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

The most delicious way to cook with butternut squash.

Taffy Apple Salad
I’ve easily made this salad a dozen times (including a tasty batch last week). The combination of apples, pineapple and marshmallows puts me over the moon.

Potato Carrot Zucchini Pancakes
A unique twist on traditional potato pancakes.

Tater Tot Casserole

This may not be the best looking dish of the bunch, but it’s definitely the most comforting.

Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins
Shaped like a muffin but with the flavor of a doughnut…make these for a truly special breakfast.

Rhubarb Crisp
My preferred way to use up Summer’s fresh rhubarb.

Gnocchi with White Beans
This dish is easy and impressive – definitely worthy of serving to company.

My Birthday Cake
So what if I didn’t exactly make this? The carrot cake from Simma’s is the best I’ve ever had. in. my. life.

Happy Birthday, She’s on the Run! Here’s to many more!


His Tater Talk Soup

My perfect day includes a leisurely lunch at a hip bistro followed by a witty movie and maybe a walk by the lake with the pup. Afterward, I’d come home to a beautiful and fragrant homemade meal prepared by my one and only.

Well, there was no lunch (unless you consider leftover enchiladas in my work’s break room) or movie, and my scenic walk took place on a treadmill. But the scent of a homemade meal did hit me in the nose when I entered the house tonight – a slow cooked cheesy potato and vegetable soup.

Of course, I knew it was coming. I did leave the directions on the counter with some of the ingredients. But the fact that I didn’t have to do anything and it turned out delicious makes it a winner in my cookbook.


The Verdict: A
A solid, hearty and satisfying soup. Actually, since it was so thick, it’s more the consistency of a stew. One bowl will kill any hunger pangs and keep you satisfied for hours. The vegetable mix I added contained zucchini, cauliflower, lima beans and green beans. I think a medley with just cauliflower and broccoli would be delicious. Note: Do not add any salt! Between the bouillon cubes, ham and soup, this dish has plenty.

Have a good week!


Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole

Trolling blogs the other day, I came across a reader question: What are you going to serve for this Sunday’s Bears/Packers game? Down in the comments someone posted, “Nothing. I’ll be too stressed to eat!” Well, that may be true, but I’m sure it won’t stop a lot of people from grabbing bites in between plays.

Which brings me to my next point. What will you be serving on game day? Although I’ll be at B’s parents’ house, I hope they serve comfort food. Something hearty and cheesy. Something like this.


Verdict: A- to A+
I have tried this both ways and I much prefer the oven version (A+). This keeps the tots crispier, whereas they get a bit mushy in the slow cooker. Something like this is perfect for game day because your guests can just scoop it themselves when they like and it will keep warm for a long time. Both times I made this for a crowd and I got rave reviews (but what did I expect, everyone loves tots!).

Go Bears!!


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